Justin Verlander is betrayed again

I just found this in my Photobucket. It’s from 2008.

Justin Verlander went out tonight with a sense of Purpose. He’d read the love letter to Max Scherzer, you see, and he felt he had to live up to that. He was probably thinking to himself, Gee whiz, Maxy went 8 and struck out 8. I’d better go 8 and strike out 8. Maxy gave up 6 hits and one run. I’d better do something similar. Or they’ll never take me frolicking down Michigan Ave!

Determination does pay off, kids and kittens, because Justin Verlander did in fact make it through 8 innings (throwing a season-high number of pitches, but oh, who’s counting? [aside from me]), and he did in fact strike out 8 Bluebirds. He gave up two runs to Max’s one, but, as with Max, the only damage done was via the long ball, something that has a good chance to happen when you’re burning that many strikes right down the zone. He walked one more than Max did, but he allowed one fewer hit. It looked good.

But the rest of the team was all, “Hurp durp no thx Justin, we like Max Scherzer better, we’re gonna do more for him on account of his ~*~dreaminess~*~.” They put up 7 runs for Scherzer and the one necessary bullpen inning went well. For Justin they managed to scrape up only two runs, and the bullpen, while not HORRIFIC, did conspire to cough up the win in extras. The best they could do was make sure he didn’t get the loss by tying it up in the 9th.

It’s too bad for Justin. He’ll just have to cry it out and do even better next time, I guess.

PS: Until his poorly fielded error-triple later in the game, Brandon Inge had been looking very weak at the plate. He also shaved off his goatee thing. Are these two things connected? Um… OBVIOUSLY.

PPS: Rod Allen kept saying “remedy for success” in this one. I know he meant recipe, but it is sad and kind of freaky that the Tigers did in fact find a remedy for success and used it here.

PPPS: Alfredo Figaro is starting on Saturday instead of Bondo, because Bondo apparently has ‘stiffness in his side’. POTENTIAL RETURN OF THE OBLIQUES ALERT NOW AT: ORANGE.


3 responses to “Justin Verlander is betrayed again

  1. “Hurp durp no thx Justin, we like Max Scherzer better, we’re gonna do more for him on account of his ~*~dreaminess~*~.”

    That’s about it, isn’t it? Don’t tell me they think the Remedy for Success is Justin Verlander!

  2. “Remedy for success” has been driving me crazy! Thanks for noticing and mentioning that, Sam. I’m glad I’m not the only one…

  3. I think this means it’s Time for Justin to throw another No Hitter! It is the year of the Pitcher after all!

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