Ryan Raburn loves August

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

And August loves Ryan Raburn.

He’s up to .319/.373/.585 with 6 homers and 17 RBI .323/.374/.636 with 8 homers and 21 RBI for the month so far. That includes the two homers he hit in the Sunday game. Ryan Raburn, you guys. Seriously.

8 responses to “Ryan Raburn loves August

  1. And we love Ryan Raburn! At least I do anyways!

  2. Love today’s drawing! Now let’s hope Raburn doesn’t find the remedy for success…

  3. Actually, after that game, Raburn in August has:
    .323/.374 /.636 with 8 HR and 21 RBI, in 99AB

  4. That is probably the sparkliest picture of Ryan Raburn that has ever existed.

  5. I question the flight readiness of the baseball butterflies. Anthropomorphize August all you want, Ms. Pearlstein, but don’t tell me those gossamer winged baseballs can get off the ground.

    • If baseballs can’t fly, where do homers come from? Too much science can be a dangerous & misleading thing. (Aren’t bumblebees supposed to be aerodynamically impossible? And aren’t the flowers glad no one told them?) Also, a lovely metaphor is a terrible thing to waste. Flutter on, little baseballs!

  6. so sparkly. Ryan Raburn doesn’t like pressure.

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