The Roar of the Tigers Series, Games 2 and 3, the photos (finally)

It’s been a while since these games were played, but I did say I would get them over here at some point and I try to keep my promises to you readin’ cats, even if they are not so much promises as they are ‘things I more or less plan to blog about in the somewhat nearish future on my clearly srs bzns blog’.

First, Game 2 of this RotT Series, which was the July 31st game, where this happened:


Max got the start. He actually out-pitched Dice K, but this was a good thing that could not last.

Jeff Frazier got his very first big league hit and it looked like this. It was HOORAY FOR JEFF FRAZIER time in my section, let me assure you.

Ortiz singled, then bumped chests with Miggy while he was on first. Did I faint dead away from the adorableness? No. Was it a near thing? YES.

Someone was harassing Danny Worth by putting stuff on his hat. He realized and brushed it off shortly after, though.

There were some adventures with a mourning dove on the field.

Click the link to continue!

Sadface Ryan Perry eating his jersey happened.

And then there was just a whole lotta this.

Also there: Lee, Lee’s mustache, and THE SPAZZOSAURUS.

The rest of the photos from that game are right over here. And then it was time for Verlander/Buchholz in Game 3 of the RotT Series, which was the August 1st game. I went kind of crazy, all

Justin Verlander!


Clay Buchholz!

Justin Verlanderrrrrrrrrr!

But Justin was just like

“Ugh! Can’t get a lead.”

And the rest of the Tigers were all like, “Yeah man. Sorry.”

Will Rhymes did make a really great catch, though. So that was nice.

The rest of the photos from that game are right over here. Hopefully that will hold you until tonight’s central-fake-time-zone game against the Twinkies. Nothing like some snack food to perk you up in the middle of a road trip, right? Right.

4 responses to “The Roar of the Tigers Series, Games 2 and 3, the photos (finally)

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  2. At least… uh… you got to see Frazier’s first hit? That 8/1 game was a Sox walkoff too, wasn’t it? So… things were exciting for you. For half of you. ;)

  3. Awesome as Usual! And hello to Lee! Nice to finally see him and the Famous Mustache!

  4. The mustache is gone. I think I got rid of it after I saw that picture a couple of weeks ago. :-)


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