at least the Tigers can win when I’m not looking at them

photo by Samara Pearlstein

No, Matt Joyce does not have anything to do with the latest Tigers game, but I was not watching the latest Tigers game. I was at the Red Sox game, watching Matt Joyce and Carlos Pena and all the rest beat the hell up on the Sox. It was not pretty. But it was nice to see Matt Joyce again.

I was sitting with a Red Sox fan, naturally, and I told her the Matt Joyce Kitten Story, which she enjoyed very much indeed. Nobody on the current team has rescued a kitten in the clubhouse. Perhaps this is one of their problems.

So, obviously, I did not choose to watch the correct game. But the Tigers did just fine without me. Maybe they get nervous when they know I’m watching.

Having not seen the game, I have no idea how things went, but I can look at a box score and make some assumptions, and then I can write about them with authority, because this is a blog. I see that Justin Verlander apparently remembered how to be an Actual Pitcher, and I can assume that he was a technical joy to watch, showing a mastery of pitch type and speed and location. I bet it was beautiful, as marvelous as the scruffiness that Verlander is currently cultivating on his face. True, 121 pitches through 7 innings is a LITTLE too rich for my tastes, but it’s not an egregious offense, just mildly annoying to people who get wicked paranoid about his pitch count (i.e. me). Seven Ks and one walk says that he was right around the plate all night.

I don’t know what happened to Freddy Garcia, but I assume it was not pretty.

Brandon Inge homered (#10)!! AND he stole a base. Aces. Not that I expect anything less from such a grand Hero for our times, but it is rather nice to see him be so OBVIOUS about his hero status every so often. Just to keep the rest of us mere mortals on our toes, you know.

Jhonny Peralta went 3-for-4 with a double and two RBI. Now if only we could get him playing right behind Miguel Cabrera… and he hit like this consistently, so that other teams began to fear him and felt they HAD to pitch to Miggy. Yes, if only then. How happy we would be!

On Wednesday Bondo takes on someone or other, I wasn’t really paying attention. I’m not going to watch the game. So if the Tigers could manage to win this one, without the stress of performing for me, splendid.


4 responses to “at least the Tigers can win when I’m not looking at them

  1. Man, I miss Matt Joyce. I wasn’t watching the game either, but now I wish I had been.

  2. Savior of Kittens! I was watching that game, but I stuck with the Tigers instead.

  3. Will Rhymes needs to save a kitten.

  4. If Will Rhymes saved a kitten I might die from the sheer awesomeness.

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