finally some hamsters

image by Samara Pearlstein

So… apparently the hamster is to have RotT at Fenway Park. Because it has become evident that, recently, the Tigers REALLY like playing well while I am watching the Red Sox in person. I’m kind of offended. What, my eyeballs weren’t good enough for you, Tigers? But if someone wants to pay for me to go to every last remaining Red Sox game… you know, for the good of the Tigers… I might be ok with that.

Brandon Inge got a highlight broadcast during the game on the Fenway scoreboard, so he gets to hang with the hamster up there. This is only fair.

It sounds like Inge was good, Avila was productive, and Rhino continues to hit at an absurd pace. It sounds like Bondo was spectacularosaurus. The game itself only lasted a little over 2 hours, which is CRAZY. Even when Buehrle is pitching, the games are rarely THAT fast.

All these good things because the hamsters are pleased by the sight of RotT in Fenway. Who am I to question the Answer Hamsters? They know everything that is worth knowing.


9 responses to “finally some hamsters

  1. See, I think the Hamster might be to give up on the season, so you start playing free and easy. Which is sad, but whatever works… I guess…

  2. Aw! I’ve missed the answer hamster svm.

    Bonderman was a MACHINE.

  3. Awww, I’ve been missing those little guys.

    So glad to finally see them showing up in the Tigers clubhouse, I just wish they’d found them sooner this season. Hopefully they will find their way down to Lakeland and join us for the full season next year.

    I was at the Whitecaps game and was surprised to hear the final Tiger score announced so soon last night, glad to get home and watch the replay. :)

  4. Are the hamster and Brandon Inge wearing the same hat??

  5. Also…. I love the hamster. And I love Brandon’s reaction to the hamster…. what was he originally reacting to?

  6. Perhaps we should all chip in and buy Sam Red Sox season tickets for 2011, the Tigers’ world championship year . . .

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