Guillen hurt, Armando screwed, same old, same old.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

So apparently Carlos Guillen’s knee is more busted than we thought. Or not. Or… I don’t know, they are still calling it ‘a deep bone bruise’, but now he is going to have surgery anyways. I guess they need surgery to really get in there, poke around, have a proper look at it so they can be 100% certain that it is in fact a bruise.

ANYWAYS. The surgery means the definitive end of his season.

This is how surprised I am:

As for Armando, I’M SORRY. It’s my fault. I didn’t leave the house until halfway through the game… we all know that the Tigers these days do not win while I am watching, and I watched half of this game, so I should have known that they were going to lose. Plus: Jim Joyce and his mustache were behind the plate, calling balls and strikes. Basically every form of karma was against Armando Galarraga in this one.

Poor lil’ guy went 7 innings, giving up 3 runs on 4 hits and 2 walks (two of those runs on a single Jake Fox homer), and he got nothing. It’s not Right, it’s not Fair, but it is, alas, how the Tigers roll.

I know they’re on a hot streak of late, but still… the Orioles. Blech. I mean, I guess SOMEone has to lose to them eventually, they do have 50+ wins on the season, but does it have to be the Tigers?

9 responses to “Guillen hurt, Armando screwed, same old, same old.

  1. Hey does anyone else find the text smaller than usual? Because mine is. Just want to know if my computer’s the only one acting like this.

  2. Hey! Now it looks fine! Finally!

    • Crisis averted! Yay!

      For something that everyone uses all the time, some days computers can be so unbelievably funky. Glad it cleared itself up on its own. :)

  3. “Bone bruise,” my ACL. Has anyone, ever, required an operation for a BRUISE? This time it’s a benevolent lie, meant not to mislead but merely to spare us the sickening details of CG’s creaky wickets and their latest breakdown. If the healing power of rainbow Max-rays can’t cure him, just hang it up.

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