don’t want to see

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Things that never need to be seen in HD:

–Jeremy Bonderman’s incredibly sweaty neck.

–Jon Daniels sitting outside his private box, watching the game, picking his nose.

–Robbie Weinhardt’s face as a comebacker flies off his elbow.

–Will Rhymes’ hair (sorry Will, I’m sure it’s lovely when it’s been shampoo’d and whatnot, but during a game, especially a game in DeathTexas… eek).

–Dustin Nippert’s beard bristles.

–Jeremy Bonderman’s ‘oh no I screwed it up’ face. You know the one I mean. Where he rolls his eyes up to the sky and his mouth is open a little bit and his entire face is just like ‘what did I dooooooo’. That one.

Jorge Cantu.

And, you know, an 11-4 loss… although that looks just as awful in non-HD TV.


10 responses to “don’t want to see

  1. //–Dustin Nippert’s beard bristles.//

    Totally glossed over that and misread it as “Dustin Nipple’s breasts”. x_X

  2. Jorge Cantu in HD… there’s a thought. FOR NIGHTMARES.

  3. Can’t disagree with any of those…

  4. What? What happened to Weinhardt?!

    • He took a comebacker off the elbow. It looked very painful initially, but he shook it off and stayed in. Rod seemed to think it was probably just a funnybone kind of situation, and I think he’s ok… just a scary moment.

  5. try being there in person. :(

  6. I feel really bad for poor Jorge. That’s just a rough mug.

  7. I know exactly the Bondo face you mean… probably not a good thing.

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