The Tigers are mathematically eliminated, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.

I have nothing to say about the emotional rollercoaster that was the Tigers over the weekend, except to note that Manny’s hair is really getting out of hand; I really dislike the Wrong Sox, it is nice to make them feel bad about themselves; and once again there was baseball across the board on Yom Kippur, so all the boo hoo MLB cannot play a game on Easter it’s a terrible wrongness! people can stuff it.

Anyways, here are The Adventures of Toy Verlander!

Toy Verlander in the baseball glove.

Toy Verlander visits with Ichiro and Placido Polanco.

Toy Verlander does a little rock climbing.

Toy Verlander tries on a Lions helmet.

Toy Verlander uses the computer.

Toy Verlander hangs out with the common cold.

Toy Verlander gets some words of wisdom from Sandy Koufax.

Toy Verlander takes a ride on the Gorillapod.

Toy Verlander goes for a sail on The Splendid Cheetah.

Toy Verlander is quite the little sailor.

Toy Verlander encounters a deadly sea slug.

~*~Tiger prayer circle~*~ for Toy Verlander.

Toy Verlander hangs out with Paws.

Toy Verlander with some paint brushes and two Mannys-on-a-stick (not ChicagoManny, though) (Toy Verlander has standards).

Toy Verlander and a little baseball painting.

Toy Verlander reclining on a wood sculpture.

Toy Verlander with the Red Sox broadcast crew.

Toy Verlander, photographer.

And finally, Toy Verlander meets Izzy, one of the RotT cats.

Toy Verlander, of course, is a Terrible Cartoon made 3D. His adventures may be small, but his spirit should be a model for us all in this trying baseball time.

10 responses to “The Tigers are mathematically eliminated, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.

  1. The Tiger praying circle made me laugh.
    I didn’t realize a cold looked like that!
    Izzy’s eyes are gorgeous.
    The game last night=CRAZY.

  2. That was awesome! Great job!

  3. I love and it surprises me not at all that you would have one of them. :)

  4. I suspect that the actual Verlander felt the sure of fun from toy Verlandre’s adventures, which he used to crush the Wrong Sox…
    So, we take 7 of the last 8 from the Ken Harrelsons in their ballpark to take the season series *and* completely destroy their (thin) playoff hopes. Can we drop them to 3rd in the division by the end of the season? That would mse the long wait from spring training easier to take.

  5. Please insert *surge* for *sure* in the previous post – Monday…

  6. So…. how do I get one? :P

  7. I bet Toy Verlander can throw the ball better than Shaun Hill.

  8. Toy Verlander looks not unlike The Count, from Sesame Street.

  9. he *is* quite the little sailor.

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