Mighty Mouse! Here he comes to save the day!

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Will Rhymes hit his first big league home run! In a big league ballpark! With a big league baseball bat! In a big league baseball game, against a big league pitcher! Zack Greinke, even! Exclamation points!!!

I don’t have much else to say about this game, as I did not actually see it, because I was watching the Red Sox lose to the Orioles at Fenway. I guess it wasn’t pretty, but a W is a W. EAT IT, .500!

(Another Tigers win while RotT is at Fenway… time to start the ‘Mr. Ilitch pays RotT to go to every single Red Sox home game next summer’ campaign right now.)

The only other thing I have to contribute is this text message conversation between me and my brother. I had been keeping an eye on the out of town scoreboard at the ballpark, and was pleased to see that the Tigers were winning… until I noticed that, very suddenly, they were not.

RotT: Wtf is FredFred doing??
RotT brother: Well I’ll tell you what he’s not doing, and that’s pitching well in a meaningless game.
RotT: sadface.

And then I had to explain the origin of the FredFred nickname to my Red Sox fan seatmate. So… I don’t know if I had a point there. Oh, right. DON’T DO IT AGAIN, FREDFRED. Not when the games matter, anyways. OK? OK. Great. I’m glad we’ve got that settled.

10 responses to “Mighty Mouse! Here he comes to save the day!

  1. you need to watch video of what happened – it went off the wall, was reviewed and then changed from a triple to a homer. he got the silent treatment in the dugout, etc. it ruled.

    will tweeted a photo of the bottle of dom that brandon inge gave him for HR, as well. http://twitter.com/willrhymes/status/25088563380

    • Awwwww. Feel-good moment in a feel-bad, thanks-for-NOTHING-umps season.

      But also… for what he’s making, Inge damn well BETTER be buying goodies for the kittens when they make their first litter scrapes and whatnot. :P

  2. And Avila! He just flipped out! Literally!

  3. aww Rhymesy! I think of him like “Grimesy” from the simpsons. good for him.

  4. Anyone notice Rod & Mario’s pink and purple ties? I was hoping it wasn’t gay and lesbian awareness day at Comerica Park. Of course, Rod wears pink or purple ties all the time so it probably didn’t mean anything.

  5. mario and rod in LGBTQ gear!

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