’til next year, Comerica

photo by Samara Pearlstein

So that was the last home game of the season.

Everyone got a hit (except for Jhonny and G-Money, which is fine). FredFred threw 8 wicked strong innings. Papa Grande threw a perfect 9th inning. Miggy hit a home run. The Twinkies were sent packing with their heads hanging in sponge-cake-shame. It was in the 50s and the game was quick, just over two hours. All was as it should be.


(unless a meteor strike takes out both the Twinkies and the Wrong Sox, which is unlikely but not impossible, I guess… like, we can’t really rule it out entirely, we do not know all the ways of the universe)

A combination of work and the September Michigan Problem kept me from seeing much baseball this weekend, but I still don’t want it to be over. And I really do not want the playoffs to go on with Twinkies and Yankees and other such creatures. I don’t want to have to watch that sort of filth, but I will watch it, because I will be deprived of Tigers baseball soon enough. IT IS A TRAGEDY even though it’s repeated every year.

But this was a nice win, so I suppose we should concentrate on it. Bask in another Miguel Cabrera blast, and the warm glow of a Rick Porcello Win of Awesomeness. The hilarity of a three-run Ramon Santiago home run. A Brandon Inge double for all you haters out there. Being above .500. The faces that Jose Valverde makes when he is on the mound.

In fact, to celebrate, behold the following. It is composed entirely of photos I took during one single Papa Grande outing (this one).

If that is not a celebration of Tigers baseball, I don’t know what is.


11 responses to “’til next year, Comerica

  1. And I was there to witness it all!

  2. Jose Valverde’s teeth and bug-eyes are truly a wonder. He’s so much more enjoyable than Fernando…

  3. Did you hear the MVP chants for Cabrera? I don’t think it’s going to happen now, but it sure was nice for him to blast that home homer and give the fans some happy thoughts as the season winds down on losers.

    Although, as you pointed out, they are above 500 so they’re only losers in comparison to everyone else, not in strict mathematical terms. That’s something, right?

  4. this is so sad. i hate saying ttfn to RofT. can’t you just be a hockey fan too??

    • Oh, but RotT isn’t going anywhere. I’ll write/draw stuff about the rest of the season, such as it is, and there’s always content up during the offseason, either because something happened (trade, retirement, random rumor, etc) or because I just suddenly feel like drawing a terrible cartoon of Rick Porcello riding a unicorn one day.

      I just felt like marking the last home game of the season with a maundering post and a squooshy sunset photo.

  5. Jose Valverde is a walking cartoon. I love it.

  6. Jose looks like he’s dropping a deuce in 85% of those pics. I rikey.

  7. Onomatopoeia Hour: What I imagine each Valverde face sounded like:

    1. HHHRRrrrrrreeehhhhhhhh
    2. Hhhhuuuuuh?
    3. Beeeeeeeeeehhh
    4. Whuh?
    5. Ffffffffffffffff
    6. Ehhhh
    7. Wphwwwwwwwww
    8. Tshhheeewwwwwww
    9. HRRRReeeeeERRrrrrr
    10. HRRRRReeeeERRRrrrrier.
    12. Ooh, batter, don’t you dare make me yell WAKONDAH! at you again.

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