it’s raining on your birthday, cats

image by Samara Pearlstein

No game today (Thursday), only rain. As a result, the Tigers will play yet another double-header on Friday, assuming the clouds do not continue to weep upon Baltimore. Apparently the Baseball Gods are really into having the Tigers play all of their final games at once. If there was a way to compress them all into one single deathmatch day of baseball, that is probably what would happen.

BUT WAIT, ALL IS NOT SADNESS. September 30 is a big day for the Tigers even without a game, because it is

~**~the birthday~**~

of Carlos Guillen, and Danny Worth!

They share a birthday! Just like Max Scherzer and Dave Dombrowski (scroll down in that link). Carlos Guillen is turning 35 years old today, and Danny Worth is turning 25. Yes, you are reading that correctly: Carlos Guillen is exactly ten years older than Danny Worth.

Way to make your teammate feel even older than his Surgically Repaired Body is already making him feel, Danny.

Anyways, hopefully this happy day will have resulted in clubhouse cake gorging. The team was stuck in Baltimore on a rainy day, they truly had nothing else to do with their time but celebrate the birthing of Carlos Guillen and Danny Worth. I am aware that neither one of these guys is actually on the roster at the moment– Carlos still and forever languishing on the DL; Danny also on the DL, see, they are destined to be together– but when has such a minor detail stopped a ballplayer from partying before? Especially when cake is involved. Everyone loves cake. (Except for Julio Franco.)


4 responses to “it’s raining on your birthday, cats

  1. Carlos Guillen’s face is the epitome of a bummer. It’s even funnier knowing that he makes that face all the time, even when he’s not bummed out. Danny Worth’s birthday face has yet to mature into full gloom, but a wonderful role model.

  2. DL birthday party! Loads of cake! All non-alcoholic beverages that won’t interfere with pain medication and anti-inflammatories! :D

  3. If the team were smart, they would have gotten a cake from Charm City Cakes and had it delivered to the stadium/hotel.

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