here’s a depressing thought

That may have been the last Tigers start that we will ever see from Jeremy Bonderman.

Nine earned runs, 6 hits, 4 walks, one K. Sixty-seven pitches in 4.1 innings pitched. And the loss, of course, setting his record for the season at 8-10.

Remember, this is the kid who was thrown into the boiling pot of horror that was the 2003 season with only 27 games at the high-A level under his belt. He had never played college ball. He hadn’t played a full four seasons of high school baseball. He wasn’t supposed to even be up in double-A yet. But the situation was so dire that the Tigers called him up to start in the big leagues.

He survived that, Paws knows how, for he was not yet old enough to legally drown his sorrows in alcohol. He hung around until injuries turned him into a zombie. Even then he kept pitching through the pain until it was too much to be ignored. He was infested with a parasite that made it impossible for him to pitch a quality first inning, and he faced that parasite squarely in its parasitical face. It took for-freaking-ever, but he got the better of it in the end.

The 2010 season was his 8th, all of them with Detroit. He is one of a very few current Tigers who have seen the team at its modern worst (’03) and its modern-era best (’06). We have, quite literally, seen him grow up on our team.

Think about that.

Now reflect upon the fact that this 4.1 inning derp of a start may have been his last in a Tigers uniform.

Heck, he was talking about retirement for a little bit. There is a (small) chance that this was the last start we will see from Jeremy Bonderman, EVER.

Sadface… forever. :(

(Kind of makes the loss in the second game– where FredFred at least looked messily tolerable and the offense was just weaksauce– seem insignificant.)

(Of course it’s all insignificant at this point, really, but, you know… even more so. In comparison.)


5 responses to “here’s a depressing thought

  1. I think I’m going to be sad to see Bondo go . . . And I was kind of eagerly preparing for a Bondo-less rotation until this start. I wanted him to go out (at least for the season) much better than he did tonight. :/

  2. Eight years. Holy crap that’s quite a while.

    //Reflects on the Bondo era//

    Poor kid was never really given a chance to succeed early. If this is it for him for baseball, period, I hope he has a good rest of his life with his wonderful family. Better than spending months on end rehabbing instead of actually pitching.

    Tip of the cap, Bondo. You survived where many other pitchers would have been chewed into bits by the horror that was Tiger baseball, and that says something. Bon voyage.

  3. If we’re remembering the late Jeremy, don’t forget his famous cameo appearance in the book Moneyball (Billy Beane throws his chair through his office wall in rage on learning that the A’s had spent their first round draft pick on Jeremy Bonderman)

    • And then someone in the A’s FO (I forget who, but it wasn’t Beane) made some comments about how they didn’t want a pitcher who was so dumb he couldn’t read. WHICH IS REALLY MEAN BECAUSE OF BONDO’S DYSLEXIA OK, WHATEVER ATHLETICS, YOU DIDN’T DESERVE HIM ANYWAYS.

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