Everything that happened in 2010, crammed into one Terrible Cartoon.

Hello, RotT. I haven’t forgotten about you. I was just busy working on this drawing.

It’s every major event of the 2010 season, all at once. As I remembered them, anyways.

You will have to click to view it properly. Then you’ll be free to laugh/sob uncontrollably/enjoy!

42 responses to “Everything that happened in 2010, crammed into one Terrible Cartoon.

  1. love scherzer!!!!

  2. OMG, don’t even know where to look first. But your Will Rhymes is exactly how I picture him at all times.

  3. ivantopumpyouup

    Oh God, I love you and I love this.



  4. Great picture, as always :-D I like all the Tigers drawn here.

  5. Awesome recap for the season, it’s sad to know it’s over and the Twins are blowing another chance against the Yankees when we know our Tigers would have capitalized on two games at home like nobodies business. :)

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  7. More proof Sam rules the world. Or at least, the baseball sketchpad.

  8. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

    I am ready for spring training

  9. Hahaha! HILARIOUS! And amazing as usual. Everyone looks great! But, does anyone know what’s happening to Raburn in the cartoon? I’m a bit concerned…

  10. Lets Go Tigers: I think it’s a recreation of Raburn going through a wall in the outfield.

    Sam, I just can’t stop looking at this! Incredible, as always!

  11. Almost makes the season ending worth it.

  12. It’s like a puzzle trying to figure everything out. I think I’ve got it down to just 3 that I can’t quite place: (1) chin-strap beard next to Coke & behind Mario; (2) blond between Inge and A-Jax; (3) what the hell happened with someone from the Pirates? Down there just to the right of PAWS.

  13. my eye was immediately drawn to matt garza. haha. awesome work!

  14. Paws and the “Floppy Hat”! Ernie Harwell and Jose Lima R.I.P. and THE BIG POTATO!!!

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  17. < tears of joy >

  18. Swampy, the guy from the Pirates is the Brother-In Law of Don Kelly. The chin-strap guy is Jhonny Peralta, and the blonde is Adam Everett. And thanks for the clear up Lisa. I see the wall now!

  19. Thanks guys! Glad you’re getting a kick outta it. ;) And yes, the Pirate is Neil Walker. Don Kelly is married to Walker’s sister. This made an impression on my brain for some reason or other, so it’s in the drawing.

  20. LOL at Adam Everett shrugging and looking confused. What the hell ever happened to him? Did he retire? I don’t remember hearing about him hooking on with anyone else…

    If you forgot a major happening, I can’t think of it. And some of these I don’t remember… like, I don’t personally recall Fu Te Ni riding around on an orange Chinese dragon, but if you say it happened, I wholeheartedly believe you.

    • FrogMan: Everett got released during a road trip to KC, and I don’t think he returned to baseball, so that may be why he’s shrugging. He’s all “Where do I go now?” I think the Ni thing was because this was The Year of the Tiger in the Chinese Calendar, and RotT supports the Asian Invasion in baseball. :)
      RotT: One person that you may have forgotten was Edwin Jackson, unless there was nothing really special you remember about him. I just figured you would put him in there alongside Granderson since they were involved in the same trade. But still, great job on the picture!

      • One person that you may have forgotten was Edwin Jackson, unless there was nothing really special you remember about him. I just figured you would put him in there alongside Granderson

        Surely that’s him in the Diamondback uni w/the tear, next to Granderson?

  21. Is that Carlos Pena (wish I knew how to make a tilde in this comments section) standing in the back blowing a raspberry? I laughed hysterically at that.

    You aren’t kidding when you say it’s all there. The whole season in one glance.

    • No, he’s not in there. I couldn’t think of anything remarkable/hilarious/otherwise immediately noteworthy for him, so he got left out. There are a few other guys who didn’t make it in either.

      • One addition… I think that Kila Ka’aihue should be standing next to Mario and Rod.

      • Y’hear that Santi? Next year be remarkable to Samara, like hitting .320 and going to the All Star game like your other ’03 wondertwin, or like how Neifi Perez once justified his existence with a play to save Verlander’s no-hitter, or like how Raburn goes on hot streaks while making spectacularly bad plays and then goes cold while making spectacular defensive plays, or like how Casper Wells was born with the name of a cartoon ghost. Solid defensive play off the bench while we search to replace you for the 8th year in a row (even after we traded you for Guillen and you came back), isn’t gonna cut it.

        Poor Ramon.

  22. I love, LOVE that Verlander has lots of arm hair. Ha.

  23. Will Rhymes in a lab coat makes me giggle. And I really dig Gerald Laird in this cartoon, with his boxing gloves and his embarrassing grandfather (not pictured, I think).

  24. This is unbelievably terrific! What a talent you are Ms. Pearlstein! You could easily sell this in poster form and I’d pay handsomely for it. I’d love to have a cartoon recap of every Tiger season!

    One question – Is the Yankee on the upper left supposed to be Thames or Grandy? The jawline certainly looks like Thames. If so – no Baby Grand on this?

    Again, terrific stuff. FYI – my favorite is sleepy-eyed Paws with his give away hat.

  25. Awesome. One of your best cartoons ever.

  26. While I’m sure those are microphones Rod and Mario are holding, I do believe they should be porkchops on sticks…just sayin’.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this…and your blog in general :)

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