It’s October, do you know what that means? It means TIGER PUMPKINS.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

You guys, Tigers are ORANGE. Pumpkins are ORANGE. (Mostly. There are actually two white pumpkins on my front porch at this very moment, in addition to the traditional orange pumpkin. But white is ALSO a Tiger color so it still works.) This means that your Halloween pumpkins should be FILLED WITH TIGER GOODNESS, because Nature has decreed it. Who are we to work against the wishes of the natural world? Think about that.

The Mothership is actually running a Tigers pumpkin carving contest this year. The entries will be judged on a combination of Tigers Spirit (51%) and Originality (49%), and the prize is A BRANDON INGE SIGNED BASEBALL BAT.

My face when I first saw this contest was all

But then I read more closely and realized that the contest is only open to residents of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. So there will be NO BRANDON INGE BATS for me. But if you are in one of those states, you should most definitely carve up your pumpkin in a combination of Tigers Spirit and Originality, because it will be awesome, it is what Nature wants, and you might get your hot little hands on a bat that Brandon Inge has blessed with his own personal scrawl. There is no way to lose in this situation.

Unless you injure yourself carving the pumpkin, I guess. MESSAGE TO JOEL ZUMAYA: DO NOT CARVE PUMPKIN. Repeat: do not carve pumpkin. Have someone else do it for you. Do not pick up those pointy implements if you are Joel Zumaya. OK. Thank you.

14 responses to “It’s October, do you know what that means? It means TIGER PUMPKINS.


  2. Black cat! The Savior of Kittens makes a cameo appearance in your cartoon! Genius! Whether or not that was planned, well that’s a different story…

    • Speaking of the Savior of Kittens, a while back you said that you were at a Red Sox game vs. Tampa, and then the Tigers started winning, so the answer hamsters showed up at Fenway. Are you going to post those pictures anytime soon?

      • Ha ha, you just want more Matt Joyce pictures, don’t you? But yeah, I am super behind on photos– I have two Sox/Rays games on my computer, and one Sox/Orioles game that’s still on my camera, I haven’t even put it on the computer yet.

        But at least one of the Sox/Rays games will be up soon(ish), and my hope is to get all of them done before Halloween, when I will be inundated with new photos and my photo backup will go from bad to EPICALLY BAD.

  3. Paws is adorable!

  4. LOL Brandon putting his own face on his pumpkin.
    Last year, I actually considered trying to carve a Paws face on my pumpkin, but quickly realized my artistic ability wasn’t gonna stretch that far. So if you felt like furthering the cause by posting a basic pumpkin stencil or two…you know, as a public service to the artistically challenged… (I don’t mean for the contest, I would just love to have a Sam Cartoon Pumpkin for my personal use!) (and not that RotT isn’t already an incredible public service!)

  5. And if the winner is a part of this forum, the bat should be sent to RotT as, you know, a thank-you.

  6. You have to know that Zumaya’s going to want to be ALL OVER THIS. And his wife, of course, is going to be like, “Dude. No.”

    Is it kind of crazy that I’m almost excited to see what kind of crazy injury he’ll have next year? At this point I’m regarding Joel Zumaya’s freak accidents as an inevitability. Which is unfortunate, because as far as I’m aware, he’s a pretty cool guy. Sigh.

  7. I wish I was less artistically-challenged. If I knew how to carve anything but a sad, cockeyed grin on a pumpkin, I’d be all over this contest.

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  9. Hooray! Brandon Inge stays on!

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