the Tigers pumpkin that will confuse my entire neighborhood

I HAVE CREATED PUMPKIN. And it is… uh, well, not exactly good, but it’s definitely going to make a statement. A statement that will not be understood by anyone who lives near me, but that’s where the internet and you lot come in, right? I know that you cats will understand, even when my neighborhood child-wranglers may not.


It’s a very wonky Tiger Stadium! I figure that since it’s a ‘dead’ stadium, it works for Halloween.

On the sides it looks like this:

So, yes, I have a pumpkin at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull.

I realize this looks like it was carved by someone trying to gnaw the image out of the pumpkin with their own teeth, or possibly the teeth of a household pet, but that’s as good as it gets. Let us all recall that Roar of the Tigers has absolutely zero aptitude in the third dimension, and I am counting pumpkin carving as a 3D art.

Lessons learned:

–It is wicked difficult to do small detail with carving that goes all the way through the pumpkin. The way to do small detail work is to carve down only a thin layer of pumpkin, not cutting all the way through to the cavity. Otherwise you have little bits falling off and it all ends in tears.

–When you haven’t used your gouges and chisels in three-four years, you are guaranteed to stab yourself in the hands multiple times.

–It helps to have a pattern. Otherwise you end up trying to eyeball Tiger Stadium onto a curved surface without consideration for the (limited) abilities of your tools, and you get this.

–You will never get all the stringy bits out of the inside. Never. There will always be one stubborn patch that does not come off, or one that you can see but not reach with your spoon.

–If the pumpkin wall is too thick for your weeny CVS pumpkin carving saw to go all the way through, it is going to take you a long freakin’ time to carve that pumpkin, and your hands will start to hurt because also you have been stabbing them with gouges meant for wood, and you will get fed up and start cursing all of gourd-dom.

Next year I’m just doing a cat again. That is the sane course of action.

Oh, and these are my companion pumpkins, to flank the big boy:

Hopefully the Boston B will keep the local delinquents from smashing anything.

What are you folks doing for your pumpkins this year? I hope some of you submitted things for the contest!

20 responses to “the Tigers pumpkin that will confuse my entire neighborhood

  1. Well, they certainly scare me . . .

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    I like it!

  3. Those are all absolutely beautiful. I am in awe.

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  5. Neat pumpkin! I like it (Saw your posting on Tumblr of it ). Be wary of those Teenagers who come around asking for candy (the ones who don’t bring kids, but just bring their buddies) and check out the pumpkins

  6. You should give yourself some credit for your carving skills! Very impressive (coming from someone who struggled just to paint faces on pumpkins this year). Why 1972 though? Wasn’t it Tiger Stadium since 1961? And really, it was more-or-less the same stadium since 1912.

  7. Do you have nine tiny flame-resistant figurines lying around the house?
    Oh and in case I forgot to mention it–awesome.

  8. thats amazing. pumpkin art could be your next medium.

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  10. Those are just great, I think they are inspiring me to think a bit more outside the box and get creative with my pumpkin next year.

    I miss setting in the upper deck at Tiger Stadium so much, but we’ll always have our memories. That place was so old it should have been in a scary flix before it was torn down.

  11. Coolness!

  12. I did the D on one pumpkin and the Rays logo on the other

  13. RIP Tiger Stadium

    Those pumpkins are way better than anything I could create. My Jack-o-Lanterns always are rather sad than scary-looking.

  14. I had meant to carve ironic pumpkins of Edgar Renteria and Aubrey Huff winning a World Series, but then I realized the difficulty of the task and became lazy.

    Now I wish I had. Because I could have easily denied the “ironic” part.

  15. Consistently random, that’s who I am…

    Anyway, it’s worth pointing out that the term “jack o’lantern” is, appropriately enough, Irish, originally referring to “swamp gas” light, or, more appropriately, peat bog light. Otherwise known by the Latin term ignis fatuus. Halloween never would have worked with the ol’ carving of the “ignis fatuus.”. So a toast to the genius of the Irish.

  16. The fact that it’s a pumpkin at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull is unspeakably cool. And whatever you say, it’s worlds better than anything I can make with a pumpkin, so…

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