it’s just like All Star balloting, except you probably shouldn’t write in Miguel Cabrera

Hey kids and kittens!

(click to see bigger/readable)

Do as the Terrible Cartoon says!


19 responses to “it’s just like All Star balloting, except you probably shouldn’t write in Miguel Cabrera

  1. I did as this terrible cartoon suggested I do this morning. Roary isn’t getting a dime of my money (he’s too expensive, or high maintenance…I can’t afford him right now). I’ll see about Al, and Paws will get a dollar from me.

  2. I would vote for Sean Casey for any damned thing he wants to run for. LOL!



  4. wait also


  5. Am I correct in assuming that is Will Rhymes on the computer and not Magglio? Because a) Will Rhymes is a Twitter user and b)Maggs would have the shadow hair, right?

  6. Also, is the person with the flag AJax or Granderson? I’m assuming Granderson but… I don’t mean to be getting all technical on this cartoon, I just like to make sure I’m correctly identifying everyone! :)

  7. If Brad Thomas were included in this montage, he could have told you that voting is MANDATORY in Australia. He came here to enjoy our freedoms and our clockwise drainage.

  8. This is the greatest depiction of the democratic process, ever!

  9. And Will’s feet don’t reach the floor! HAR!

  10. ivantopumpyouup

    there’s so much about this to love. Particularly Al the Octopus.

  11. Of course I would vote for Paws over Al (representing cruelty to animals) and Roary (representing cruelty to football fans)! Also, I appreciate that all the Tigers take their citizenship seriously, and I agree. I would vote for Sean Casey for Mayor, or just about anything.

  12. Wait, why wasn’t I supposed to write in Miggy? (I was wondering if I needed to write his full name, but then I figured, nah!–everyone knows who Miggy is!)

  13. This is amazing. Again the work of a genius!

  14. If election technology were advanced enough to enable voting by text from our phones:

    Final results, Michigan governor:

    Inge 42%
    Snyder 38%
    Bernero 20%

  15. I LOVE it that my Tiger, Placido Polanco is included in your great cartoon! :)

  16. So sorry to hear about Sparky. Hope he recovers.

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