pug marks, 11/8

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

It has been approximately one thousand years since our last pug marks post, so you know what that means! No you don’t, you’ve forgotten because it’s been so long since we did one of these. Anyways. It means that it’s time for a pug marks post.

pug mark 1
Apparently the Tigers have signed Jhonny Peralta to a two-year deal. Good news for a team without a hot sexy shortstop prospect chomping capably at the triple-A bit, bad news for twitchy newspaper editors. Jhonny had said that he wanted to stay in Detroit, so nobody is exactly screaming with uncontrollable joy, but everyone is moderately pleased, and that’s fine by me.

pug mark 2
Brandon Inge won the Marvin Miller Award for being so freakin’ awesome. This is a league-wide award, mind you, not one of those where one guy on every team gets it. Brandon Inge is such a stand-up fellow that the entire league stands in awe of him. Am I surprised? No. Of course not. Am I pleased. Yes. Yesssssssss.

pug mark 3
Were you wondering who won the pumpkin carving contest? Wonder no more. Although technically that is a scraping, not a carving. Also I think that to win a Brandon Inge bat, you should have to create a Brandon Inge-themed pumpkin. I believe that would have only been fair.

pug mark 4
The Tigers sent Brent Dlugach to the Red Sox for the usual cash-or-a-PTBNL. I’m assuming that most of you don’t really care, but he has been in the system for a while so maybe someone has strong feelings about it. I hope he makes it up with the Sox so I can listen to Jerry Remy struggle to pronounce his name.

pug mark 5
Happy belated Diwali! I don’t have an image of Paws holding a bunch of candles ready to go or anything, so have some Comerica lightbanks. That works for a festival of lights, right? Right.

pug mark 6
Will Rhymes has been having some dog problems.

The dog is a pug; I can’t remember whether or not we know his name, though. Anyone? This is vital information.

pug mark 7
Lee is doing a contest: correctly guess the first new player to sign with the Tigers (from outside the organization), win a book! It’s a pretty good book, you know. It’s got some nice cartoons in it.

pug mark 8
So I guess it’s really the offseason now. If there’s anything you’ve been dying to see rendered in Terrible Cartoon form, speak now and maybe I will draw it. I’ll need little drawing warm-ups now that it’s coming into Wicked Massive and Intense Holiday Card Creation Season anyways.

22 responses to “pug marks, 11/8

  1. I think your pumpkin had more soul. That one looks like they traced it off a template.

    The Will Rhymes dog thing is fantastic. I hope someone knows its name, you’re right, that’s very important.

    You should draw some Jhonny cartoons. We didn’t get nearly enough spherical head cartoon fun during the season.

  2. Nice, although I think that the first is technically a Phug Mark.

    Hopefully he will help us whin more than Johnny Dhamon did.

  3. Also, I thought of you today watching the Lions-Jets game. Because if anything in the world of football ever called for a Samara cartoon, it was Ndamukong Suh attempting to kick an extra point.

    (If Inge were on hand he would have suited up and made it. I’m just saying…)

  4. Coleman, I was AT that game thought the exact same thing when it happened!
    But remember, life ain’t easy for a kicker named Suh.

  5. I care about Brent Dlugach! In all his bizarre last name-ness!
    Not too sure about the dog’s name. Can anyone ask him on Facebook?
    As for a drawing, hmm… when it happens, you could draw Cabrera and AJax holding up their awesome and shiny MVP and ROY trophies!

  6. Good news for a team without a hot sexy shortstop prospect chomping capably at the triple-A bit,

    El Oh El.

    Draw Kyle Farnsworth! I know he isn’t on the team anymore, but, um… the world needs more Kyle Farnsworth cartoons. I think that’s clear.

  7. ivantopumpyouup

    I’d like to request a Recent History of Detroit Tigers Closers: Todd Jones (1997-2001), Matt Anderson (2001), Juan Acevedo (2002), A Bunch of Guys Who Were Not Any Good (2003), Ugueth Urbina (2004-2005), Troy Percival (2005), Kyle Farnsworth (2005), Fernando Rodney (2005-2006), Todd Jones (2006-2008), Fernando Rodney (2008-2009), José Valverde (2009)


  8. Will Rhymes should count his blessings. My dog sticks her foot in my kidneys at 7am at the latest.
    How bout some sort of adaptation of Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights? A Garden of Offseason Delights? That would keep you busy for a while…

  9. Thanks for plugging my book contest. The cartoons are the real prize!

  10. No kidding. 9:30 is absolutely sleeping in in dog time.

    I have to admit, I saw the item about Brent Dlugach and felt a tiny bit of relief that I no longer have to worry about mispronouncing “Dlugach”.

  11. Brent’s dlog hasn’t even figured out how to pronounce his last name. Clearly this contributes to his restlessness.

    (OK, I’m typing “pronounce” and I get as far as “pronoun” and it autocompletes to “pronouns.”. Who the hell

  12. That was “who the hell uses ‘pronouns’ in a sentence?”

  13. Michael T Dowling

    Wolverine Sam, Please contact me I am looking to get permission to use one of your UM photos. Thanks, Mike D mtd9@aol.com

  14. Hi Sam,

    Would you be kind enough to work Hank Greenberg into your Hanukkah greeting this year? Perhaps you can call upon him to light the hanukkiah and cast out the darkness set by our evil divisional opponents. We could use someone like him to bring back the glory days of Detroit baseball.

    I’m sure Paws would appreciate any help he can get. We need a division title.

    Erik – Tel Aviv

  15. tina younglove

    I care about the Dlugach trade also! I don’t understand why you trade a very good shortstop and take an rhp in return and send that pitcher to A! Especially when your reason for trading Dlugach was he wasn’t hitting! Sorry folks, but in the American League, pitchers don’t bat! We have designated hitters for that! That leads me to believe there must be another reason behind this trade. Any ideas, anyone?! Go get em’ in Boston, Brent!!

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