Miguel Cabrera is good at hitting a baseball.

image by Samara Pearlstein


Sweet shiny victory! Miguel Cabrera has won his third Silver Slugger award for being good at hitting a baseball in the sport of baseball.

He had a .328/.420/.622 line this season, with 38 home runs and 45 doubles (and one lone triple). He had 89 walks, most on the team by far. He played in 150 of the 162 games and probably could have played in a couple more at the end there, but he was starting to be vaguely hurt and since the Tigers were playing for nothing at all, nobody wanted to push it. He’s second in games-started to only Austin Jackson, who has the advantages of actual-youth and baseball-youth (remember, even though he’s only 27, this was Miggy’s 8th pro season).

He wins it this season at first base, obviously, after winning it as an outfielder and a third baseman in previous seasons.

You see what wonders occur when you stop consuming alcohol in an irresponsible manner, Miguel? You carry the team as far as is possible for its bloated, injured mass to be carried, and you win fabulous silver mantelpiece bling. Let this be a lesson to us all.

Now comes the big question: is Miguel Cabrera the American League MVP? The true answer, of course, is YES, but we shall have to wait a bit to see if the league is willing to acknowledge truth this year or what.

“I think he probably gets more respect from an offensive standpoint than any hitter in the league,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. “I think he’s been the best player in the league this year.”

“Do I think he’s the MVP? Yes,” Leyland said last month. “I’m not going to try to talk anybody into anything, because that’s not my job.”
Jason Beck/DetroitTigers.com

Jim Leyland has spoken. Let it be so.

12 responses to “Miguel Cabrera is good at hitting a baseball.

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  2. “Miguel Cabrera is good at hitting a baseball.” This we knew. But congrats on the Silver Slugger, buddy.

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  4. I didn’t realize he started so many games. I guess it felt like all our big players were badly injured at one point or another…

  5. What the cats?! I can’t see Cabrera playing the outfield. But still congrats Miggy! Well deserved!

    • A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (Florida). He didn’t really have a natural position in the field– his natural position is at the plate. :P

      • Oh ok I was like “what I never saw him play the outfield with us!”.
        And I hope he enjoys his “fabulous silver mantelpiece bling”, as I’m sure he will. Congrats again Miggy!

      • As has been said of a few other hitters as the years have gone by, usually in response to “Why did you intentionally walk him in that situation?”: When he’s standing at home plate, he *is* in scoring position.

  6. A poem for Miggy:
    “En el plato
    Pa’l Gran Gato

    At the plate
    He Kills
    For the Big Cat

    • Um let me help you with that Spanish:
      “Al plato
      Para el gato grande
      There you go! Good poem though!

      • Hey, I know, I know, I saw the “al plato” when I posted it but it was too late. (I started off going in another direction)
        As far as the pa’l gato, I defend it–Caribbean Spanish shorthand–necessary to maintain the rhythm. And “gato grande” would be big cat (large in size) but “gran gato” is Great Cat, which is what I meant.

  7. And Hamilton wins the MVP… of course. Sigh.

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