tiger-striped Thanksgiving, 2010

image by Samara Pearlstein

I know that our Polanco days have passed, but it’s Thanksgiving! We cannot have Thanksgiving without gazing upon the succulently roasted head of Placido Polanco. Maybe next year I will be sufficiently recovered from his departure to do a Jhonny Peralta spherical turkey, but for now, look back on Placido’s perfect merging with the bird with fondness.

Things for which we can be thankful:

–Miguel Cabrera, in all ways.

–The fact that at least one half of the Jackson/Sizemore experiment worked out better than we had any reasonable right to expect.

–Will Rhymes on the Internet.

–A multitude of stupid hair decisions to amaze, delight, and amusedly horrify us.

–Brandon Inge on into the Future.

–The graciousness of Armando Galarraga.

–The fact that Dontrelle Willis is still in baseball.

–The Big Potato’s facial expressions.

–Max Scherzer’s magical X-ray vision eyes.

–Rod and Mario, and Rod-isms, and Mario’s gentle tolerance of the Rod-isms.

–The fact that somehow, against all reason, Justin Verlander has survived another season of eight zillion pitches without his arm disintegrating in the middle of a game all Joel-Zumaya-style.

–Still the best home uniforms in the league.

–Max St. Pierre’s big chance.

–Brennan Boesch’s first half.

–Ryan Raburn’s August.

–The critical mass of Venezuelanness that convinced Victor Martinez that Detroit was the Place to Be.

–Dave Dombrowski’s striped polo shirts.

–Alex Avila’s unstoppable beard.

–Scott Pickens’ dog.

–We may be getting more of their former cats on our team, but we are still not Racist Logo fans.

–All you cats who read Tigers blogs, and comment on Tigers blogs, and all the other cats who write Tigers blogs, and twitter Tigers tweets (?), tumble Tigers Tumblrs, and take photos of Tigers and put them on the internet, and comment on Tigers message boards (but not Yahoo commenters, those people are the lowest of the low). Wicked thankful, as ever, for the whole digital lot of you.

May your day be filled with turkey and thoughts of what Placido Polanco’s head would look like as a turkey, family and friends, and quality football (please, Paws, let there be quality football. I have to go home to Patriots fans in a couple of days). Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, kids and kittens!

6 responses to “tiger-striped Thanksgiving, 2010

  1. So much to be thankful for, let’s be thankful for the exciting first half of the season the Tigers gave us and the hard work Dombrowski has been doing to put us on the right track next year.

    Thanks again for your wonderful Blog as well Samantha, keep up the great work! It always makes me smile.

  2. I would like to wish all of the RotT readers a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for yet another year of hilarious posts Samara. This is my first year reading your blog, and I have to say it is #1 in my book. Your drawings and photos are amazing, your game recaps are outstanding, and your other information is phenominal. Thank you for offering your services to us. I greatly appreciate them.

  3. Max Scherzer’s magical x-ray eyes have looked into my very body, and they have seen thankfulness. Thankfulness for a blog that understands the existence of Max Scherzer’s magical x-ray eyes.

    Also a lot of partially digested turkey. But there’s thankfulness jammed in there too.

  4. I am thankful that Polly is still hanging around ROTT, even if he’s now playing for the Phillies.

  5. So right, thankful for Austin Jackson! I remember before the Year started and I was worried about him and Sizemore and how could the Tigers start Two Rookies???? and then Sizemore couldn’t do it but Jackson sure could!

  6. And ROTT, so thankful for that too!
    If I weren’t already a vegetarian, this post would have pushed me over the edge. How could I eat a Polly?

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