Eight Nights of Terrible Chanukah Cartoons: Night Seven

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

A perfect game of dreidel is a rare thing indeed. And this time, Jim Joyce can do nothing to take Armando’s victory gelt away from him.


6 responses to “Eight Nights of Terrible Chanukah Cartoons: Night Seven

  1. Awesome cartoon, because Joyce looks so…devastated, no?

    No gelt, just guilt.

  2. Jim Joyce looks sooo sad. No gelt for you!

  3. I love, love, love this cartoon. The facial expressions are just perfect!

  4. I remember that game. I was watching it with the cast from Sesame Street:

    Twenty-Six! Twenty-Six Cleveland batters retired! Ah. Ah. Ah.
    Erm, no Cookie Monster. Not yet.
    No Cookie?
    Hey, guys, HOW many PERFECT GAMES have there BEEN this YEAR?
    Two! Two perfect games in 2010! Ah. Ah. Ah.
    They’ll just screw it up.
    The play by Austin Jackson; I am thinking of that play and I am saying that the play by Austin Jackson, is going to be the play of the game.
    Ohhhhhh Elmo love A-Jax! Elmo think Austin Jackson like Curtis Granderson in Center Field!
    One! One Strike on Jason Donald! Ah. Ah. Ah.
    Hey, Count, you’re gonna have to COUNT to THREE perfect games next! Ahahahahahahaha.
    I am looking at that swing and it looks like a swing, since he swung the bat at the ball and that is a swing, but they are not saying it is a swing.
    He’s not gonna get it.
    Oh no, you guys, that BALL is going toward the GAP!
    Wait! Wait! Elmo see Cabrera fielding ball! Elmo see out!
    Oh my goodness! He got him! He got him! Oh my goodness!
    Erm, waitaminute there guys, the umpire didn’t signal ‘out’…
    Twenty-sev………VHAT IZ THIS?!?
    I told you…
    Now THAT just ISN’T FAIR, you guys!
    Ohhh hoooh. He looks sooo sad.
    No Cookie?

  5. Jim looks so broken! Actually, he looks like he did the day after when he was talking to Armando before the first pitch. At least we know deep down what Armando did that day.

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