So what’s going on in the world of the Detroit Tigers?


It has been Victor, and then: crickets (possibly Brandon Inge and Will Rhymes attempting to sing). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ungrateful. I’m happy with Victor. I live in Red-Sox-Land, I am familiar with the hitting wonders that Victor Martinez promises to spray forth all over our ballpark. Even if he no longer has the Monster at his disposal. Even if some of his home runs will probably not be home runs in Comerica. It will be ok, because Victor Martinez is good at hitting a baseball when full of health, and that is more than SOME cats in lineups recently past could say.

So, what else? Phil Coke might have to be a starter next season, apply whatever level of confidence or terror seems most appropriate to you. Cliff Lee has left the American League, and that is good. We did not get Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth. Nothing happened in the Rule 5 draft.

Alfredo Figaro was released and has signed with the Orix Buffaloes of Japan. They’re pretty awful. The Cardinals have signed Gerald Laird, for reasons best known to the Cardinals. I’m sure Yadier Molina is really going to be watching his back now.

Magglio is not ours yet, but he’s not anyone else’s yet either. Scott Boras continues to be Scott Boras. The Tigers were vaguely rumored to be talking to the Cubs about Tom Gorzelanny, but who knows and/or cares. The Metrodome collapsed, but that too is no longer relevant to us.

A pile of nothing. There haven’t even been any touching personal interest Victor stories filled with charming quotes and anecdotes straining to relate to Detroit yet. I am so bored.


9 responses to “So what’s going on in the world of the Detroit Tigers?

  1. Let us discuss the Phil Coke situation. Is anyone else slightly nervous that we’re moving a guy who was pretty good for us out of the bullpen last year… out of the bullpen? (Why, Skip, why do you do this to us???)

    I am also dancing a jig that the Yankees didn’t get Cliff Lee. However, if we ever do happen to meet up with the Phillies (World Series, anyone?) I’m looking at their rotation and thinking we’d be pretty screwed. Glad we don’t have to face them but once in a blue moon.

    • Well, this one I assume he’s doing to us because we don’t have another fifth starter. Can’t REALLY blame Leyland for that… I dunno. It has the potential to go very, very badly, but I reckon that as a #5 guy we’re only asking for him to be mediocre anyways, and maybe that’s within his abilities. It’s not like we expect him to be Justin Verlander mark II.

    • I’m really nervous about Coke. He had some pretty emotional reactions to bad outings last year… as a starter he’d have more time between outings to get over it, but I’m worried that it would affect him inning to inning. A bad, Bondo-esque first inning, and is he ruined for the rest of the start? I don’t think we can risk that happening regularly, even with a 5 guy.

      • When he was starting in the minors and putting up ok stats, he was averaging about 5 innings per game– but that includes a few relief outings that may be skewing things, it’s possible that he was on pitch counts, and he never started above double-A anyways. So we do know that he was, at one point in his life, more or less able to do what a 5th starter should at minimum do, but, yanno, massive grain of salt and all that.

  2. That is an impressive lot o nuttin’ alright. So why on earth is FSD having a live web panel chat tomorrow to talk about it?

  3. Let’s get to the important part: what effect do we think this will have on Phil Coke’s hair? I feel like he might have been using the early innings to trim and style, I am worried he will not make the schedule adjustments necessary to defend his “Best Hair” title.

    • Relief pitchers can have crazy hair, but starting is serious business, requiring serious hair (this is where Bonderman went wrong).

  4. It now looks like we have signed Maglio to a one year deal. If he stays healthy, this is a good move, and one which provides the Tigers with needed payroll flexibility for 2012 and beyond. Now if he can just stay healthy…

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