Magglio fails to surprise, delights instead.

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Another year of hoping he’ll grow the hair back out! It seems that Magglio Ordonez will be returning to the Tigers for 2011. If he can stay healthy (if! If! IF! IF!!), I think this will make us all into some very happy cats and kittens. Sure, it’s a $10 million contract, and Magglio will be 37 next season. But it’s only for one year, and if healthy (if! iiiiiiifffffffffffff) he can still hit the heck out of a baseball. Warm happy feelings of goodness!

Now, we kind of knew this was coming. As with all Boras-sitized baseball players, there was the chance that things would go expensively haywire and he would sign elsewhere, but it seemed most likely that he would be back in Detroit. The fact that he re-upped is, in and of itself, not surprising. But there IS something weird going on here.

Looking at two-year deals from other clubs, Ordonez chose to return to the Tigers with a one-year, $10 million contract out of loyalty to owner Michael Ilitch. Ordonez is a Scott Boras client.
Evan Drellich/

Player loyalty to an owner? Does not compute. BORAS CLIENT loyalty to an owner?? Does not compute does not compute does n– BOOM COMPUTER FREAKIN EXPLODES INTO A MILLION FLAMING PIECES

Is Mr. Ilitch so glorious, so wonderful– so inspiring as a physically embodied concentration of business acumen, affability, generosity, determination, and love for the city and people of Detroit– that he has overcome the entire ‘Every Man for Himself and the Most Years/Dollars, Hometown Discounts Are For Scabs’ attitude of the modern day baseball player? Are his powers strong enough to turn a player away from the shrillest proponent of that attitude, the ultimate owners’ enemy that is Scott Boras? Is Mr. Ilitch made of magic??

Or were the Tigers just the only team willing to offer Magglio the equivalent of $10 million over the course of ANY contract? Because if the best he could do elsewhere was 2 years for, say, $7 million total… well. This is a lot less heartwarming.

Actually… wait, no it isn’t. I don’t care. Because Magglio! Magglio is back! I refuse to think too hard about this, or worry too much about the fact that he will probably suffer some sort of horrific injury before the season is half over. Magglio is back, yaaaaay.

Totally unrelated but in case anyone still cares: Adam Everett signed a minor league deal with the Racist Logos.

16 responses to “Magglio fails to surprise, delights instead.

  1. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

  2. Mr. Ilitch is the man.

  3. At first glance, I read “Warm happy feelings of goodness” to be “warm happy feelings of gooeyness”, which made me think of fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies, which then made me hungry.

  4. I like the Peralta for Everett trade.

    That’s how I’m thinking about it now.

  5. This is great news. I think the loyalty results from the way the Tigers treated him several years ago when an expensive, playing time based option was about to vest, and the Tigers kept playing him, regardless of the economic consequences. A lot of teams would have limited his playing time to avoid the option, but the Tigers played it straight. If Mags stays healthy, we will score some runs!

  6. Projected Lineup as of Today:
    CF Jackson
    2B Rhymes
    RF Ordonez
    1B Cabrera
    DH Martinez
    SS Peralta
    LF Raburn
    3B Inge
    C Avila

  7. Yay!!! It was just so hard to imagine Maggs in somebody else’s uniform. I don’t even like to think of him in his Wrong Sox days.

  8. Supposedly Maggs was looking for 2 yrs 16 mil. I think with 1 yr 10 mil we are better off.

    I wonder if we can thank Kenny Rogers for the amazing Boras-client-loyalty conundrum. If you remember Kenny wanted to stay with the Tigers, but Boras was shopping him around because other teams were offering a lot more. So Kenny fired him and signed for whatever Detroit offerered, and Boras got a percentage of zip.

  9. I think he stayed because of us.

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  11. Remember that they already paid out a $3M buyout. With the $10M contract, that’s suspiciously like the $15M that they would have paid Mags in the first place. So really, Mags lost $2M for breaking his ankle.

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