2010 in Amusingly Amateur Photo Review

all photos by Samara Pearlstein

It is time once again for this thing that we do every year! Roar of the Tigers goes to a few Tigers games, takes some photos from the stands, now we gaze upon them.

June 22, Citi Field, Jonath0n Niese vs. Justin Verlander (14-6 Mets)

Ha ha, this game. What a freaking mess. There was an hour-long rain delay in the third, knocking Verlander out of the game. Not that it mattered much– he was busy melting down long before the rainfall brought things to a screeching halt. I was not even able to properly enjoy the hilarity of seeing him bat because his pitching was so tragic at the time, and because the rain-removal meant he only got to bat once. UGH. Thanks for nothing, game.

It was my first trip to Citi and I did like the park quite a bit. So that was a positive, I guess. I just typed ‘Shea’ there instead of ‘Citi’ and had to go back and delete it.

Mr. Dombrowski delivers with the shirt.

Austin Jackson and Rod Allen commune.

It was my first time seeing Brennan Boesch in person.

Tigers pitchers with bats: a sight both strange and sad.

Jay Sborz made his big league debut. He felt the need to eat his jersey because he gave up 5 runs of his own, plus 2 of Verlander’s, in just 0.2 innings. Welcome to Major League Baseball!


The rest of the shots from this game can be found over here.

July 30, Fenway, Armando Galarraga vs. Jon Lester (6-5 Tigers)

Another mess, but while the previous one was disastrous, this one was only NEARLY disastrous. After Detroit had led all game, Papa Grande almost let it slip away by issuing a bunch of walks and throwing 60 pitches in 1.1 innings and letting David Ortiz smash a grand slam in the bottom of the 9th. The Tigers pulled it off, though. Somehow. I was there and I’m still not quite sure how.

Victor Martinez loves his Tigers. Now he’ll be able to love them up close and for as long as he wants!

Ryan Perry and the Worst Sunglasses on the Field That Day.

Alex Avila tries to help Traitor Damon stretch out his back before the game. I was looking forward to seeing what sort of reception TD would get now that he was back in Boston with a non-Yankee team (this would have been the first time), but despite Avila’s best efforts he couldn’t get his back right, and was a last-minute scratch.

Jeff Frazier made his big league debut as the DH. Here he is, scoring his very first ever big league run. THEY GROW UP SO FAST.

Jhonny Peralta made his Tigers debut, and hit two whole home runs all by himself.


The rest of the shots from the game can be found over here.

Click the link to continue!

July 31, Fenway, Max Scherzer vs. Daisuke Matsuzaka (5-4 Sox)

Jeff Frazier and Ryan Kalish both had their first big league hits. There was a dove on the field. And the Red Sox won on a walkoff bases loaded David Ortiz 3-run double. In essence, Big Papi simply decided that he was going to achieve what he had very nearly achieved the night before. It was fairly stunning.

Max Scherzer got screwed here. He only gave up one run over 6.1 innings, and that was a run that Brad Thomas brought around to score. You would think that’d be enough for a win, but nope. Nope.

Someone was messing with Danny Worth.

G-Money fights the crowd for a ball, crowd wins.

Mourning dove infielder. It hung around for a while, going up and down the basepaths and eventually around the infield. Several umpires and Ramon Santiago all ignored it. Will Rhymes was the one who noticed it, thought to himself, Hmm, wait. That’s not one of our guys, and chased it off.

This sort of thing is not good for my poor split-fan brain. YES! But NO! But HUZZAH! But OH NOEZ SADNESS. Bu-bu-but happy David Ortiz!! But sad responsible Phil Coke. Sigh.

The rest of the shots from the game can be found over here.

August 1, Fenway, Justin Verlander vs. Clay Buchholz (4-3 Sox)

Would you believe another walkoff win for the Red Sox? I’m pretty sure this series took 10 years off my life.

Don’t be mad, Justin! You pitched a lot better this time out!

Will Rhymes going up and back to make a great catch.

JD Drew with the Tigers bullpen’s improvised sun shield.

Unfortunately for the Tigers, while Verlander was good, Buchholz was STUPIDLY RIDICULOUSLY GOOD in this one.

The rest of the shots from the game can be found over here.


I had to see this in person, and it was painful. So painful. So very, very painful.

We had the Adventures of Toy Verlander.

More old friends:

Rusty Kuntz

The Farns

Matt Joyce

Carlos Pena

Cody Ross (ha)


Prince Fielder. OK, he’s not really One of Ours, but I still feel like he’s an honorary semiTiger.

Victor Martinez is ours now. OURS.

So is the coach-bothering Joaquin Benoit.

Lee holding the Spazzosaurus happened.

The Tiger Stadium pumpkin happened.

And the terrifying Dave Dombrowski bobblehead happened.

Finally, reader/commenter Ken J came through in a big way in 2010. You may or may not remember this post, where I pined sadly for the splendid floral Tigers floppy hat that my geographic disconnect from Detroit was going to deny me. Ken J is a hero of the Internet, because he made this possible:

Let the record state that I wore this hat out in public, on public beaches, with pride in my heart and goofiness in my countenance. TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN, AND ALSO FROM FLORAL TIGERS FLOPPY HATS.

Want to relive the photographic stupidity from past years? Check out 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006.

Happy 2011, kids and kittens!

13 responses to “2010 in Amusingly Amateur Photo Review

  1. Those sunglasses are the worst thing I have ever seen, bar none. Ryan Perry should be ashamed.

  2. Nice pictures. Unfortunately, Detroit couldn’t see Grandy in Person when the Yanks came here to Detroit back in the early parts of the year because he was (I think) on the DL for some ailment. I like the picture of the floppy hat on your cat….The Cat in the Hat for 2010! :-P Happy New Year!

    • I saw Grandy in person when the Tigs came to Detroit. I saw him WAY too much…scoring, making amazing catches, getting clutch hits. Sigh.

  3. The way Sborz exited that game still gives me a sad. Sometimes there is crying in baseball, for good reason. And I had almost forgotten about Jeff Frazier.

    Next year — World Series rings for everybody!

  4. I found your blog while looking for Austin Jackson photos online. Just wanted to say AWESOME pics!

  5. Ah, 2010 wasn’t all bad. It gave us Austin Jackson and Brennan Boesch and Carlos Guillen making funny faces.

    Here’s to 2011. The Year the Tigers Win it All!

  6. The July 31 game nearly broke my spirit.

  7. Happy New Year-and may the Tigers win it all in 2011!

  8. Great Recap. Keep it coming!

  9. I can’t wait for more inter-league play! Not to mention the possiblity of more floppy hats.

  10. Wow, I made Samara’s annual photo review. I’m proud.


    • I can only imagine how you must feel.

      That is, only imagine until 2011, when I make in, in my Paws costume…(although I’m getting nervous, I haven’t heard back yet).

  11. I forgot how crazy that Red Sox series was… damn.

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