It’s getting dangerously close to the time when I start to panic about pitching.


No pressure, Mr. Dombrowski. I’m just saying, this insistence that Phil Coke as a starter will be totally fine and workable and not at all a terrible idea that will backfire horrifically is going to make me a nervous blogger. And when I get nervous, I start yelling at Jeremy Bonderman to get off the blasted dock where he’s undoubtedly spending his offseason, barefoot and wearing overalls and holding his fishing pole (actual fishing pole, not euphemism), and come SAVE OUR ROTATION even though Jeremy Bonderman is not likely to save our rotation.

Nobody wants that, Mr. Dombrowski. Please address this situation, for the children. The blog-reading children.

Since basically nothing else is going on, here, feast your eyeballs upon this baseball drawing I did. It’s not strictly Tigers-related, but people have been seeming to enjoy it elsewhere on the internet, so whatever, here ya go.

A few other items:

–The Tigers caravan is coming up, and I don’t have an exact date or time for this yet, but I guess it will be either Jan. 20 or 21. If you are AT ALL able to get out to southwest Detroit on one of these dates, you need to go. Why? Because Papa Grande and Rod Allen are going to be having a dance-off.


Is this going to be the greatest thing since Curtis Granderson took his shirt off for charity? DO YOU EVEN NEED TO ASK THIS QUESTION?

This was the Mothership’s photo of the day. Austin Jackson’s doing his very best Tigger imitation, and Brandon Inge, if you click through to view the photo full-size, has the most adorable adoring look on his face ever. He is just so charmed by airborne Austin Jackson. We all are, Brandon. We all are.

–There were a bunch of ‘super clearance’ sales on the official team stores through tonight, so I was idly looking at the available items (protip: most of them are still wildly overpriced), and I came across this hat. I think there should be a new Comerica Park rule making it legal to dump a full soda on someone wearing this hat out in public. Although I guess that would waste an expensive stadium soda. So maybe we should just kick them in the shins. And then prohibit them from calling themselves Tigers fans ever again.

–Also, this.


10 responses to “It’s getting dangerously close to the time when I start to panic about pitching.

  1. I do!

    But I’m not exactly un-biased.

  2. – Dance off? Where and when do I show up to see that?!

    – That photo doesn’t just show Austin bouncing like Tigger. It makes him look like he can fly! Awesome!

    – Please tell me that cap isn’t the new “wear a ‘special’ cap on holidays so MLB can make more money selling them, but everybody looks really stupid in them” cap for 2011. If so, I think the sacrifice of a few stadium sodas would be worth it.

    • It’s at the Compas Center of Music & Performing Arts in Detroit, and it’s either the 20th or 21st, they haven’t said which day yet.

      The hat might be an older one? I can’t imagine they’d put a new design on clearance, or put a new YEAH AMERICA design out in December/January…

  3. Valverde serving fries at a McDonalds? He should be serving baked potatoes (w/cheese, hard, high cheese) at Wendy’s!

    I too am near-panicky about the pitching situation. But I have to say, if I had to choose between having starting pitching and having a team that has public danceoffs…I’m thinkin’ about it.

  4. Et voila, Bred Penny! Look at me having my potato and eating it too..

  5. Valverde serving fries at a McDonald’s? Isn’t that cannibalism? That’s just wrong!

  6. Holy Cats! Did you realize you can purchase not one but TWO different Tigers Snuggies comfy throws?? I don’t know whether to be horrified or order one…

  7. Jhonny Peralta: comparable to Jupiter.

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