Tommy Lasorda should blog more often.

photo by Samara Pearlstein, just posting this one for the socks

I’m cleaning up my bookmarks right now (because that’s totally a productive use of time), and checking them all so I can delete broken links and inactive blogs. So I’m clicking through, throwin’ out the old, rediscoverin’ stuff I haven’t looked at in years, and I happen upon Tommy Lasorda’s MLBlogs page.

I guess I fell out of the habit of checking it because he updates sporadically, often just about various Italian restaurants, and I have kind of A Thing about the whole MLBlogs setup anyways. But I was startled when the page loaded, because the top post right now (from December 12), is about Alex Avila’s wedding!


I’m not quoting it over here, it’s short, just go read it. Seriously, is that not wonderful and lovely and adorable? I’m all verklempt now.

Anyways, my favorite Tommy Lasorda blog post of all time is still the classic I Hate the Phillie Phanatic, which has nothing to do with anything, but I figured I ought to share the glory while we’re here.


14 responses to “Tommy Lasorda should blog more often.

  1. When did Alex wear the high Socks??

  2. OK, that is actually really adorable. And I didn’t know Avila was Lasorda’s godson!

  3. He has an entertaining team picture from his days playing for the (minor league) PCL Angels, too–here he is with his teammate Sparky Anderson:

  4. You’re right. That was about the sweetest thing I’ve heard all day. Tommy Lasorda really is one of the good ones.

    And, by the way, Belated congrats, Alex and Kristina!

  5. “I often wondered how it got my jersey, and then I found out how. Steve Sax would give it the jerseys because my players thought it was a funny thing to do.” This is the best ending to any story I have ever read in my entire life. I dream of one day aging as gracefully as Mr. Lasorda.

  6. I want video of Tommy body-slamming the Phanatic!

  7. Tommy Lasorda tweeted the news about Avila’s wedding with that same picture from the reception, mainly imparting his congrats and best wishes to his godson and his new bride

  8. Let's Go Tigers

    I saw this when it first went up on Lasorda’s blog. Very adorable!

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