tell me of your baseball website readings

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Is anything happening? Nope. So let’s do the worst possible thing we can do on a blog, and that’s talk about blogs.

I just started using Google Reader (I know, I know), and I’m trying to add to my baseball blog reading list. I may regret this once the season starts and everyone starts posting more than once in a Russian Blue moon, but right now it seems like a good idea. There are three types of baseball blogs I’m looking for.

Good Tigers blogs. I really only notice a new blog if it hurls itself into my face while screaming and waving sparklers, so it is possible that something new and awesome has appeared in the Detroitosphere and I haven’t twigged to it yet.

Non-Tigers baseball blogs that aren’t incredibly, soul-destroyingly boring. I will read stuff about any team, really, if it’s consistently funny/well-written/interesting. Especially funny. But I cannot muster up the energy to slog through paragraphs of regurgitated newspaper columns or blocks of lightly explained stats or bad writing for Random Non-Tigers Team X.

Baseball art or cartoon blogs. I have found a few. I would like to find more.

The Tigers blogs that I already know are the ones listed on the right as Blogging Cats, because unlike certain other sites I still have a clearly visible blogroll. So aside from those… throw me some links. What baseball blogs do you read? Where’s the good stuff? Share your internets with me.


23 responses to “tell me of your baseball website readings

  1. The Dugout, for sure. Baseball plus clever plus hilarious.

  2. I’ve got a Tigers blog but it’s not waving any sparklers . . . YET.

    Fire Gerald Laird is good.

    I think you probably know about the other blogs I read.

  3. Obviously it’s me, ivantopumpyouup. Stupid WordPress, logging me back in.

  4. Joe Posnanski’s blog is almost always awesome, although he sometimes gets into some stats tangents that I just skip right over. I really liked his posts on Armando’s perfect game and Ernie’s passing.

    • I’ll check it out!

      I’ve found that Official Writer Blogs have a tendency to fall into that ‘deadly boring blog content’ trap, though… it’s like they assume that because they’re established writers, they don’t have to worry about making the words they’re writing on the internet particularly interesting so long as the content itself is solid. Or, I dunno, they try to write everything like a SRS BZNS article and tend to not embrace the blog format for what is (inherently ridiculous, or at least don’t-take-it-seriously-silly, in a number of ways).

      But I haven’t been reading Mr. P’s blog so maybe that’s not him! I will definitely at least give him a shot.

      • Joe Posnanski was a lot of smart baseball people’s little secret just a few short years ago. Then his blog took off – because he is incredibly prolific and a quality writer – and I think even Joe himself has guessed the blog had a lot to do with his getting a job at Sports Illustrated. He certainly doesn’t take himself or his blog very seriously, and I’d need to see a strong case to believe any sportswriter in America is better.

  5. This is a new blog. Not much content yet, but it’s another Tigers blog written by a woman, so I keep checking up on it.
    No Run Support

  6. If you haven’t checked out Flip Flop Fly Ball you really need to, here’s a Tiger’s relevant post from them

    • Oh ya, I keep an eye on his stuff. Always good to see baseball design wonderfulness.

      Re: that particular graph, it is sad but I definitely spend more time on the Tigers than that… you have to factor in watching the vast majority of games, the extra expenditure of time involved in actually going to some of them, and then the uncounted time spent processing and uploading photos from those games, and the even more uncounted time spent drawing or ‘shopping graphics and Terrible Cartoons for this very website. And then sometimes I write words too. THE ORANGE WOULD TAKE OVER MY OWN PERSONAL GRAPH.

  7. I imagine you’ve seen this, since it’s about our very own boy genius, but I wouldn’t want you to miss out on Will’s Topps baseball card debut.

  8. Here’s my best contribution, Sam:

  9. Just saw this at deadspin!5758053/the-time-zito-gave-mulder-a-handjob-and-other-tales-from-the-world-of-baseball-slash-fiction
    At the bottom there is a Phil Coke/Ryan Perry fanfic. I figured you would appreciate this


    They stopped updating it 2+ years ago, but my friend and I frequently talk about to this day. Quite humorous.

  11. This is kind of late, but i just found and it is pretty good! Just started.

  12. the people at Halo Heaven run an angels related comic every once in a while.

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