Brandon Inge saving the underwater city of Atlantis from certain destruction.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Let’s just concentrate on this sort of thing for a bit.

22 responses to “Brandon Inge saving the underwater city of Atlantis from certain destruction.

  1. I would empty my bank account for a full-length comic book that highlights the untold, off the field lives of the Tigers and the villains they must face.

  2. Oh god oh god oh god so much to look at. Does… does that missile thing have the Wrong Sox logo on it? Yes it does. Love.

  3. So much here — it’s like a Bayeux Tapestry of Baseball. Love the Tampa Bay Ray, love Leyland/Poseidon, love the baseball pearl in the oyster. I especially love that Binge’s tats are covered by the wetsuit.

  4. A Paws mermaid. I have no words for how incredible that is.

    You should make all these into posters – Cabrera in space, Jackson in the redwoods – I would buy a set and frame them and put them on the wall to cheer me up. :)

  5. Knowing your two team allegiances…are the orange flippers a subtle allusion to Red S0x?

    • No… then they’d be red! In any event, if you look closely you can see that Inge is actually wearing his usual navy high socks. If anything, the flippers are the color I wish all Tigers cleats could be.

  6. I love the Leyland statue.

  7. ** applause **

    From Ann Arbor, thank you for this spirit-lifting break from today’s snow shovelling chore.

    I love the Leyland statue too.

  8. Missed you sam!!!!

  9. Awesome drawing! I can’t wait to see what you have to say about our Photo Day gone wrong.

  10. But can Inge save Batlantis?

    (and can he do that Patrick Duffy stroke? Somehow I think he probably could).

    And I agree, Leyland trident = awesome. (Although he should try chewing some in lieu of the smoke sticks now and then).

  11. Straight Up Magical

    A wizard riding a unicorn is less magical than this drawing

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