Cabrera came back

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Miguel Cabrera is back in camp. Deep breaths. Hug it out. Things will be ok.

–Al Avila the Elder was on hand to serve as a translator as needed at the press conference.

–Don Kelly and Ryan Strieby have been filling in at first in his absence.

–Cabrera is apologetic. He apologized to “all my teammates, my owner, my family, my friends and everybody that I’ve let down.” He also said, “I want to apologize to the policeman for that night. I acted in a bad way, and I hope that they forgive me.”

–He is prepared to deal with the legal system and thinks it will be ok. Neither MLB nor the Tigers have announced any type of punishment, only treatment plans, which makes sense.

–So, yeah: there is a treatment plan, through MLB. They have been ‘evaluating him’ in some unspecified way over the past few days. No details on the program itself, except for the MLB-issued statement that says it “will include supervision as necessary to ensure that he adheres to his program.” The Tigers are currently searching for someone who will be the right Cabrera-sitter.

–MLB, the MLBPA, and the Tigers are all involved in either designing or implementing the program to treat Cabrera. He has hundreds of people actively working to help him through this. Also Paws, and Wallace and Diego.

–There was no real statement about what exactly was going on during The Night in Question, not that we were really expecting one. He did say that “he was driving to Lakeland that night, and that he was driving the 2005 Range Rover there with plans to have it shipped to Venezuela for family.” The drinking he has referred to as “one bad decision” and “a mistake this one time” and the doubtless truthful but still vague ‘personal issues’.

–Cabrera’s arraignment is set for March 16. The Tigers are supposed to be playing the Cardinals in Lakeland that day.

(All the quoted bits above are from this Mothership/Jason Beck article.)

That’s it really for right now. He’s here. Everyone is saying exactly what you would expect them to say (except for the public apology to the policemen. That was unexpected, and props to Miggy for it). The legal stuff will happen when it happens. The treatment stuff will go forward. The team is supportive and Miggy is remorseful. Hugs. Hugs all ’round.


5 responses to “Cabrera came back

  1. Believe you me, Big Mig is in overdrive to straighten this out posthaste, because with Killer Kelly at first he must be waking up in cold sweats nightly mumbling “Wally Pipp…”

  2. I just have a lot of feelings…


  3. You have to believe that a Paws hug of that caliber would make most things better.

  4. Just want it to all work out. Play BASEBALL! Forget the Drama! Go Tiggers!

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