just a few spring Terrible Cartoons

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

As I first saw on No Run Support, this happened:

BUT THERE WERE NO PHOTOS OF THIS. None. I mean… look. You can’t throw that out there, media, and then not give us an image to go with it. You just can’t. It’s cruel.

So there you go. I inferred the socks.

Then there was this:

Newest candidate for cutest dog in camp: Victor Martinez’s little furry whatever.

My guess is a Shih Tzu.
Tom Gage/Detroit News

and there haven’t been any photos of this either! SHOW US THE DOG. Ugh. For lack of an actual photograph, here’s a Terrible Cartoon guess.

Just a random Brad Penny:

And also this:

16 responses to “just a few spring Terrible Cartoons

  1. These are all amazing

    but the fur bush takes the cake

  2. Casey on the Bench

    I’m glad you chose the kid-friendly Charlie image, too. He could give Rogo some real ammunition this year!

    • I will admit that was not my first thought, but I can’t really post my first thought on here. I figure everyone else on the internet will be making those jokes if he makes it up to Detroit this season, I’ve gotta take a different angle. :)

  3. No picture of VMart’s dog, but the Freep has a pic of Justin Verlander cuddling Inge’s puppy :) http://bit.ly/dTkRet

  4. hahaha!! I never even thought to suggest a cartoon of that tweet. awesome. thanks for the link.

  5. What the… Inge even wears his socks up WHEN HE’S WALKING THE DAMN DOG!!! (Also, I could be wrong, but isn’t that the St. Bernard puppy we saw earlier with Brad Penny?)

  6. I <3 Charlie Furbush. Total justice right there.

  7. Thank you Sam, for giving us a must-have visual for Leyland in bike shorts and shaving cream. Thank you to Alli for sharing the news, I read it there too, and immediately felt the same need to SEE IT. Luckily for us, we have Cartoon version, because I think the real deal might make me a bit queasy.

  8. oh I want more pictures of players and dogs or at least cartoons of players and dogs. Like Avila’s will be like a bulldog with a dark muzzle…okay Sam – draw!

  9. I literally almost choked on a soda when this page loaded. Wow. I guess I should be doubly glad there are no photos… because a) there are no photos, and b) it means we got that cartoon.

  10. Ya’know, I think I prefer Cartoon Shirtless Leyland over Photo Shirtless Leyland…

    As far as the puppies go, I am equally floored by the cuteness of cartoons and photos.

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