season anticipation, RotT style

Are you getting excited for the season? I’m getting excited for the season. And that means it’s time for SKETCH CARDS!

(Let me just note that these are all colored in marker, and the marker looks a lot less wonky in person. It doesn’t scan all that well. But you can get the idea.)

They’re all clickable, so you can see them bigger/with uniform numbers, but if you’re bored you can try to guess who’s who before peeking. This is my contribution to your workday.


14 responses to “season anticipation, RotT style

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    I love that the Spazzosaurus gets its own sketch card.

  2. Doh! Of course, it’s so obvious now.

    I’m referring to Miguel’s mysterious comments to the police (“im going to kill him,” yet he was alone).

    He clearly was referring to the Spazzosaurus, which is only visible to Tiger players and fans.

  3. Coleman, you are a genius!

    I’m not all that happy that the Spazzosaurus gets a card… But, let’s face it. He is a member of this team.

  4. [LIKE]

  5. Love the sketch cards. Where can I get one? ;)

  6. Oh Spazzosaurus, I certainly hope the Answer Hamsters will get more play time on the team that Spazy does this season.

  7. you are the best… do you have any more contests coming??

    LM 27

  8. Let me tell you, when I color with markers, it does not come out looking like this.

  9. I love Max’s!!!

  10. guessed right on the first try!

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