Jose Valverde is a rock star.

Of the comic book Tigers scenarios we’ve seen so far, I expect this is the one most likely to become Real Life.


17 responses to “Jose Valverde is a rock star.

  1. If he comes and sings at Rising Star I’ll let you know.

    *Its a karaoke bar at Universal Citywalk in Orlando that you sing with a live band and backup singers. Pretty awesome, all the Harry Potter kids were there every night for the HP land opening.*

  2. I love his backup band. And his shirt.

  3. All great — but the best is Jim!

  4. With DD on the guitar?


  5. Can’t believe Zoom isn’t on guitar.

  6. OK… nobody else has mentioned it so I guessI’m just missing something… but What are the other two Mascots doing there? On the left?

  7. I love the dichotomy of Leyland wearing hearing protection, but smoking a cancer stick. ::props::

  8. But who is that offstage playing bass? My vote for most bass-player like, not pictured: Phil Coke.

  9. Who’s the dude with the lighter?

  10. It’s… so beautiful…

    I can also very, very easily believe that Papa Grande owns that shirt, or one very like it.

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