We have a roster, now we just need the season.

image by Samara Pearlstein

The roster is SET! Or… mostly set. I keep counting 26 in the version currently inhabiting the Mothership, with both Joel Zumaya and Carlos Guillen still on it, so… is one of them not hitting the DL? Just gonna try to tough it out with rest or something? Hmm. Anyways. MOSTLY set.

Of course we already knew that Will Rhymes had won the second base job. The ‘surprises’ are Brayan ‘That Kid With The Hair‘ Villarreal, and The Only True Casper in MLB History.

Villarreal snagged the last bullpen spot and would instantly become the youngest player on the team if this was not a team that was willing to deploy Rick Porcello. The Only Casper is a backup outfielder. The Tigers are carrying a lot of extra outfielders right now (three spares for three positions, as opposed to two spare infielders for the four positions [and one of those is Guillen so it hardly counts]), probably because Magglio, at this stage in his career, has a body made mostly of Twizzlers.

The roster as it stands right now:

Starting pitchers
Justin Verlander
Max Scherzer
Brad Penny
Phil Coke (eventually)

Papa Grande
Joaquin Benoit
Brad Thomas
Ryan Perry
Daniel Schlereth
Brayan Villarreal
Joel Zumaya (until inevitable DL’ing or fresh injury)

Victor Martinez
Alex Avila

First base: Miguel Cabrera
Second base: Will Rhymes
Shortstop: JHonny Peralta
Third base: Brandon Inge
backups: Ramon Santiago, Carlos Guillen (see Zoom disclaimer)

Austin Jackson
Brennan Boesch
Ryan Raburn
Don Kelly
Casper Wells
Magglio Ordonez (for now)

I’m actually not sure who’s starting in the outfield and who’s considered a definite bench player… I guess it depends on how healthy (or injured but still baseball-functional) Magglio turns out to be. We shall see.

18 responses to “We have a roster, now we just need the season.

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    I think you forgot Enrique Gonzalez . . . :|

  2. You forgot Porcello

  3. “The kid with the hair”? It must be a Venezuelan thing!

  4. Rea, if Maggs won’t let his grow…Villarreal is a nice second. Maybe we can get him to curl it, too. lol

  5. Let's Go Tigers

    I love how everyone has their full name on this list except Porcello. Very funny!

  6. A team without FredFred would be like a day without sunshine. (However, since I do live in Michigan, that happens quite frequently. Maybe that’s not the best example.)

    Since there’s still snow on the ground where I live, it seems hard to believe that opening day is TWO DAYS away. Having Carlos and Zoom on the 25-man is not making it seem any more real.

  7. I think the real solution here is that Guillen and Zumaya will be placed on the DL, and there needs to be another man added.. And that man will be Danny Worth.

    • On the high sock front, I would support this… but as ivan and Matt pointed out, it’ll be Enrique G, I just didn’t include him because he’s a Secret Roster Friend and he’s not on the active or 40-man lists yet.

  8. OK, now I want to see the TC of Magglio made of Twizzlers. I blame you – before I read your post I didn’t think to want this but now my world is incomplete without it.

  9. Is max beautiful eyes pitching 2nd?! I love him. And his eyes.

  10. Commenting again so I can subscribe!

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