Happy Opening Tigers Day!

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

Opening Day! Let us ignore the result and instead concentrate on the fact that baseball is back, and nobody was horribly injured in the first game. RESOUNDING SUCCESS!

Let us concentrate on the hits that Brandon Inge got, and not on his error. I mean… what error? I saw no error. Only hitting. Like I totally did not see a bullpen last night, there was no bullpen. What is a bullpen? I only know of this Justin Verlander fellow. Who threw… 114 pitches… in the first game… huaarrggggh… my eye is not twitching, that’s just what happens when I SMILE THIS WIDE.


Sorry this is up, you know, not on the actual Opening Day… I got home late from work last night and then, er, actually fell asleep while coloring it. Anyways. Click the picture to see it ludicrously large, as usual.

ALSO, happy birthday Will Rhymes! He turns his uniform number today!



Much more on this shortly.

10 responses to “Happy Opening Tigers Day!

  1. Oh, hello there new desktop.

  2. You are so ridiculously talented and amazing. Awesome!

  3. Is that the MLB equivalent of the Golden Birthday? Great looking crew…

  4. Ahh, now the season is officially open. Also, what PfP said.

  5. Hooray!! I am so happy for the return of “Who’s your Tiger”

    Also, I don’t want to deny Curtis Granderson the opportunity to once again show how brilliant and talented he is, but is it too much to ask that he save his amazing catches and homeruns for when the Yanks are playing, you know, other teams? Sigh.

  6. I was going to say that my love for Curtis Granderson slipped just a few notches yesterday… but after reading your post, all I can say is Curtis Granderson? Who is this Curtis Granderson? I know no Curtis Granderson.

    And Mark Teixeira, definitely don’t know about him.

    • If I didn’t already dislike Texeira, hearing the Yankee announcer scream “Mark just sent a Tex message!!!” would have done the trick.

      (And that face he makes when he’s batting…I mean, it’s just not a BASEBALL face…or maybe that’s just me).

      Anyway, great cartoonery, especially like the DL blood brothers, and The Ghost hovering in the back like the last man on the roster.

  7. How has no one commented on the rhino yet? The rhino is my favorite part!

  8. So awesome, loving the new Tiger 2011 art!

    Your blog always makes me smile. :)

  9. This is the best part of opening day! It will stay my desktop til you draw something equally as awesome.

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