Ryan Perry hits the DL with an infected eye.

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

This was my very first thought when I heard the news.

I could have sworn the Mothership article initially didn’t specify which eye was infected, so I just put the eyepatch wherever, but now it says that the problematic eyeball is Perry’s left, so the cartoon is wrong. Ugh. Whatever.

It doesn’t sound like his eye is about to fall out or anything, but he wears contact lenses and he can’t put them in while his eye is oozing pain and sickness all over the place. He apparently can’t wear glasses/wicked cool pitching goggles because they don’t work for him as well as contacts do… because… uh, astigmatism? I’m not sure how that works but Kevin Rand said it, so I guess we have to trust it.

He also has a ‘corneal abrasion’ on the same eye. DON’T RUB AT IT, KIDS.

This is all (hopefully) just a matter of letting the infection and itchy bits clear up to the point where Perry can see ok and safely put in his contacts again. Robbie Weinhardt is up to take his roster spot, at least for the time being. The bullpen has been so cringe-worthy lately, though… if Mr. Weinhardt can scrape together a couple effective innings, he might stick around even after Perry regains full binocular vision.

5 responses to “Ryan Perry hits the DL with an infected eye.

  1. Who farted on his pillow? I bet it was Brad Thomas because he wanted the playing time. THAT turned out well!

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  3. Sam, just flop this image in photoshop and not only do you have the correct bad eye, but Jim now has the middle relief left-hander (how timely) he’s been looking for. And who says technology isn’t terrific?

  4. My first thought when I heard this news: “Oh crap. He’s the only guy we’ve got in the bullpen that’s been any good lately.”

    But perhaps I’m being unfair. I had just about given up on Alex Avila too – and look what’s happened to him!

    My impressions of the first week of the season are:
    Kansas City Royals = 2006 Tigers (perhaps?)
    Boston Red Sox = 2008 Tigers (I’m sorry, Sam)

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