Tigers aren’t cheetahs, they don’t run, they walkoff.

photo by Samara Pearlstein

This photo is from 2007. You can’t see him, but Brandon Inge is in the middle of that pile, getting mobbed after hitting a late April walkoff home run to beat the Twins. He’s getting love from old friends Curtis Granderson (sob), Magglio’s Hair (sob), and still-current friend Justin Verlander. It is a beautiful thing, even if the net prevented it from being a beautiful photo.

This scene was reenacted in the modern era today, as Brandon Inge hit his fifth ever walkoff home run! Let me just insert this here:

The homer let the Tigers put a 3-2 victory up on the Rangers. Yesterday the Tigers won 5-4 on a Miguel Cabrera walkoff bases loaded single. They’ve just been strutting to victory all over the place.

I know that we as fans are supposed to enjoy the walkoff win, because it’s exciting and whatnot. I do enjoy them, in the sense that I of course enjoy watching the Tigers win, but a walkoff win means that the game was close, probably TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT. I get nervous, ok. I don’t like being the sort of nervous that means a walkoff win is possible. The walkoff win may be THRILLING and INTERESTING and A POSITIVE RESULT IN THE SCOREBOOKS, but I don’t trust it the same way I trust a nice, solid, hardly-ever-in-doubt win.

I’m not really complaining. These are, first and foremost, WINS. Paws knows we need those. They also probably have a positive effect on the fragile psyches of the Tigers themselves, which will be a good thing coming off a string of unattractive losses and barreling headlong into a spin ’round the west coast.

Still, I would like to see some wins that are NOT decided at the last possible moment. I need a few of those before I can truly start feeling better about the team. I’m a worrier, ok.

ETA: There’s been a move. Weinhardt down, Alburquerque up. Eh. Why not?

15 responses to “Tigers aren’t cheetahs, they don’t run, they walkoff.

  1. Nervous? Worrier? Yesterday I pull into my doctor’s as certain Felines blow the eighth inning lead. Ten minutes later the nurse tells me my famous 58-year old low blood pressure is 138 over 88 (about 15 OVER). The doc steps in and wonders if anything is bothering me. “Maybe the bleeping Tigers.” He sits right down and softly says, “Don’t get me started.” Fifteen minutes later we finally return to the subject at hand (watch it, wise guys!) and decide I should lose 15 pounds and that we both had better wait till June before stroking out. In his professional opinion…

    • Improving gameplay for the health of the fans… no pressure, Cats. Just, if you keep playing poorly, doowman’s gonna have a heart attack and RotT is gonna have a nervous breakdown. You know. Probably.

  2. Random question: Did you catch it when (I think) Dan Dickerson was quoting Brandon Inge today about the play at the plate on Josh Hamilton? I can’t remember all of it but it involved Brandon describing himself as the quarterback, VMart as his secondary receiver, having to leeeead VMart with the throw … it was really funny and now I can’t find it anywhere! Trust me though it was sweet. Tiger Pride tomorrow, can’t wait to see the Boys for FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS *brain melts from glee overdose*

    • Noooo, I actually didn’t see most of the game, I was in an area without TV, internet, or radio access (but lots of good birds). Sounds like a ridicumazing quote, though…

      I’m trying to enjoy the west coast games, I’ll have a better shot at seeing them. I may not be all that awake for them, but at least I shouldn’t be at work for most of them!

      And sure, you get them for four days, gah, lucky! Let’s talk about how they play in Boston TWICE all season long, as in FOR TWO GAMES ONLY. Or let’s not, because it fills me with RAGE and TIGERS DEPRIVATION and other such saddening things.

      • They’re making up for last year. Last year they were only here for two measly games; this year we get EIGHT. *rubs hands together in gleeful anticipation*

  3. Getting a big kick out of Papa Grande being 2-0. Hee hee.

  4. Beautiful post as always! Binge walkoffs and your ‘haters gonna hate’ pic always make me smile. Miggy was SO CUTE with picking Inge up. If you didn’t get to see it, I think it’s on the video of the HR at mlb.com.

  5. I think Some people get as much joy hating Brandon as they do from Tigers Wins! Let them Keep Hating!! Brandon knows how to get it done! Sometimes anyways ha ha!

  6. Nope, we all know the cheetahs are the Racist Logos… not sure how they’re cheating exactly, but they must be. It’s the only explanation, short of evil clones from alternate universes.

  7. What’s really funny was the FSD trivia question for Wednesday’s game was something along the lines of “Who has scored the most walk-off runs in Comerica Park history” (I can’t remember the exact phrasing of the question, but it was something like that.)

    The answer was that Brandon Inge and Carlos Guillen were tied for the most.

    Brandon must have somehow heard that and said to himself, “TIED? Not for long, Guillen! MuHaHaHa!” (Or something to that effect.)

  8. I predict that Friday we will see Al-Al come in to relieve Fred-Fred.

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