offday illustration

Ink on clayboard, with Photoshop color. It looks like this in real life, only you can see more of the scratches on the white bits. The scanner is forgiving!


17 responses to “offday illustration

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    Oh, that’s awesome!

  2. Poster? Baseball card? Blanket or beach towel, so I can wrap myself in it and snuggle this drawing?

  3. Also, I see how you have this tagged, but this is NOT a Terrible Cartoon…

  4. Magnificent!

  5. If my etymology is correct, something to be revered; creating a fearful trembling. If I may, the power to project a shaking reverence. I’m sure you’d agree, dear Frog, her’s are ALL terribly, terribly, terrible! Here Woody and Froggy humbly stand together at your command, oh goddess of Bengal…

  6. Someh0w the Tiger reminds me of Magglio–maybe its that tender-looking paw?

    • His expression borrows a lot from one of my cats, who happens to have arthritis… so, maybe. :P

      • Our 18-year old cat has arthritis. Our vet gave us some meds for it about a month ago. Now she (the cat, not the vet) is sprinting up the stairs and jumping up on counters like she’s a kitten again! Ask your vet about it. It’s pretty cheap and comes in a capsule you can sprinkler on her food.

        • Trust, we have tried so many things. If he actually ate food, and wasn’t allergic to 9999 things out of every 10000, maybe food supplements would help (don’t even ask). He’s getting cat-cupuncture and it actually does help him move around better. He was never the most spry critter even as a young cat, though.

          This is the same cat who was on steroids a while back.

  7. Anyway I could purchase something like this? This would be a perfect poster!!

    • Maybe! It definitely looks good at baseball card and regular print sizes, but I think I will get a print for myself at poster size to see how it comes out… if it looks nice, I’ll let the blog know.

  8. You really really need to have a store at some point. This is beautiful.

  9. So cool! I’d love to have this as a poster!


    CafĂ© Press lets you make and sell posters and what not. I’d definitely buy one.

    • What kind of quality would a cafepress poster be, though? If I get these printed I would want them done properly. I’ll have to check if it’d be more cost-effective to print some at my local guys or to send them out, though… or if it would even be cost-effective at all, with such a small run.

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