Tigers on the bus

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Let’s ignore the terrible, terrible thing that happened when Jim Leyland left Max Scherzer in the game at least one batter after he was clearly done for the day (super wicked blindingly obviously done for the day; just walked Grady Sizemore on four straight balls done for the day; over 100 pitches done for the day). Ignore it and focus on the cartoon (click for bigger).

The Tigers had to get from Detroit to Cleveland, and instead of flying, as Major League teams do, they took a bus. Yes, TEAM BUS RIDE TIME! I guess this was partly because when you factor in security and baggage and travel to/from airports it would actually be equal to or faster than a flight, and also because they share a plane with the Red Wings, who obviously get plane privileges right now.

Now just imagine 3ish hours crammed onto a bus with this roster. I mean, 3ish hours on a bus with Phil Coke alone might be more than most of us could handle; Phil Coke plus THE ENTIRE TEAM… spectacular. We’re lucky they all made it to the Prog alive and nominally sane.

A few other quick notes from this one:

–THE SERIES OF CABRERAS. Miguel Cabrera, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Orlando Cabrera were all playing tonight. At one point Miggy was on base and there was a pitching change or something, so the other two came over to chat, and there were three unrelated Cabreras all standing together on the field. Cleveland doesn’t distinguish them with first-name initials, so it was a pure mass of Cabrerocity.

–Carlos Santana was using a weirdo reverse-bat. Most bats, if they are bi-colored, have a black/dark barrel and a light handle (like this). Santana’s bat was backwards: it had a light barrel and a dark handle. A quick peek at some AP/Getty photo sites tells me that he was using normal bats earlier this month, so this must be a very recent development. I can’t remember the last time I saw a bat like that used in a MLB game (if I’ve ever seen it). Very strange.

–Shelley Duncan is of the Chris Shelton school. Google Image search and you’ll see (use all appropriate caution).

–This is a very incestuous series. We have JHonny Peralta and Victor Martinez (former RacistLogos). They have Chad The Pimp Durbin, Adam Everett, and Jack Hannahan (former Tigers).

–Joaquin Benoit is in A Mood. Via Jason Beck’s Twitter, Benoit addressed reporters while walking out of the clubhouse thusly: “You guys waiting for me? Keep waiting.”

–Rod Allen on Miguel Cabrera, after his massive two-run homer: “He’s a baaad boy! That’s with a capital B, two Ds!” Pretty great. Even better if you heard him say it out loud.

8 responses to “Tigers on the bus

  1. Who’s the poor sick Tiger?

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    this game made me want to throw things and/or people at other people.

  3. I think I’ve seen that Bus around Detroit! Awesome!!

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