the triumphant return of Scott Sizemore

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

I was at the Angels/Red Sox game tonight, so I did not see any of the Tigers game, aside from score updates on the Monster and via my dad’s phone. Sounds like Scott Sizemore was basically AWESOME AWESOMEPANTS (3-for-4 in his first day back!) and clearly deserved acknowledgment.

Here’s the problem: I don’t have any cartoons of Sizemore (he’s present in larger cartoons, but there are none of just him). I also don’t have any photos of Scott Sizemore, which is my usual backup for when I’m too tired/busy/whatever to draw things for the blog.

Additional problems: I got home from the Sox game late, I was already wicked tired, and I am working on a laptop with a trackpad. The vast majority of the drawings you will see around here are drawn old school, with ink on paper, then scanned and colored in Photoshop. But this late at night, this tired, and needing to get up for work tomorrow, I was not about to go through the whole process of drawing something, turning on and hooking up the scanner, scanning the drawing, coloring it in a bunch of layers, etc.

So what could I ‘draw’ in 5 minutes or so, using a laptop trackpad (this is sort of like fingerpainting)?

There you go. Scott Sizemore to the 2B rescue, at least for one game.

Now I am seriously falling asleep. Let us celebrate Scott Sizemore while he’s here with this truly terrible Terrible Cartoon.

7 responses to “the triumphant return of Scott Sizemore

  1. Works for me!! SuperSizemore has a nice ring to it…

  2. Sizemore looks cute with the promotional giveaway Tigers scarf on!

  3. That is DAMN good… no, FANTASTIC! for having been done on a track pad.

  4. I was at the game for my birthday! It was a great one, although it was a balmy 46 degrees at game time and only got colder. It was a fun one, though! Jackson and Sizemore looked like their old selves again!

  5. If you didn’t see yesterday’s game, then you missed Rod giggling like a schoolgirl when Mario announced that Buddy Carlyle’s real first name is Earl. (“If that was my first name, I’d go by Buddy too!”)

    Did you sit out the Sox/Angels rain delay? There’s no way you could have posted this before midnight if you had…

    • I was at the Tuesday game, which a) had no rain and b) the Sox won. Thank cats. I did stay up to watch the rain delay game on TV though… I actually thought it had been rained out, then checked Twitter one last time before going to bed, saw play had resumed, and turned it on. Then I got stuck.

      Missed yesterday and today’s games… I’m working all weekend too. But Friday is my offday so hopefully there will be cartoons for all.

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