Tiger birthdays and big sprawling wins

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Happy birthday to Daniel Schlereth and Brayan Villarreal! Schlereth’s birthday was May 9, Villarreal’s was May 10; Schlereth turned 25, Villarreal turned 24. They’re still just kittens! Clearly it is time for celebration and sharing and cake.

What a win for the growing boys, huh? Rain delays could not keep the Tigers offense down, a statement that seems to need a ‘for once’ tacked onto the end of it. Liriano looked like a struggling maybe-starter, not a thrower of no-hitters. Victor Martinez is blowing up the baseball, Austin Jackson is making some welcome offensive noise, and JHonny fhreakin Peralta hit a hhomerhun.

The outcome is maybe not so impressive when you consider who the Twins are running out there (what is a Tosoni?), but I will happily take it. Anything to hoist that sodden mess of a record up above .500, however briefly.

Both birthday boys pitched scoreless innings in this latest game, because that is right and just. Schlereth hit a Twin and gave up a walk, Villarreal gave up a single, neither one allowed further damage to occur. Because of the rain delay/FredFred only being able to go five innings, it was actually semi-important for the bullpen to pitch productively, even though Detroit had a decisive early lead (for once). All’s well that ends with birthday cats contributing to a win.

4 responses to “Tiger birthdays and big sprawling wins

  1. A win is a win, and let’s hit the Twins while they are down.

  2. JHonny fhreakin Peralta did it again today! Pinch hitting, no less!

  3. I just realized why Rod always says “I see you, [insert name of player who has just done something awesome]!”

    It’s either a Star Wars reference, or an incredible coincidence. Right after Wedge trips the AT-AT with the tow cable and exclaims something like “Woo-ah; that got him!”, Luke replies….”I see you, Wedge. Good job.”


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