the emergence of the Furbush

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

A new creature for Tigers fans, the Furbush made its first appearance on Monday night. Unfortunately it had to appear because Phil Coke injured himself, but if we ignore that, its appearance was generally cause for celebration. Pressed into sudden service, the Furbush went 3.2 innings while giving up only two hits, one walk, and zero runs. It even inherited two runners, and stranded both of them. It got the W, which is quite nice for a critter getting into its first game.

You might be wondering how this works. We’re talking about a bush with fur instead of leaves. How does it pitch?

Simply: branches.

Anyways, welcome to Detroit, Charlie Furbush. May you remain effective for a good long time, because the name ‘Furbush’ is too wonderful to not use.

7 responses to “the emergence of the Furbush

  1. Phil Coke, who bruised an extra, completely unnecessary bone in his foot fielding a bunt.

    Personally, I think the Furbush should have tiger-striped fur, but that’s just me. :B

  2. I like the Furbush..and he looks like a good pitcher too!

  3. Mr. Mullet, you must have a special connection with things furry. I was thinking the exact same thing. Tiger fur over leopard fur!

  4. It was a good night for the kittens! Dirks hit his first home run AND (in quite possibly the most hilarious event of the evening) was issued his first career intentional walk!

    Really, Joe Madden? Your statistics told you to walk Dirks to get to Peralta? We’ll take it. But… REALLY?

  5. This is maybe the only blog in the world where someone can say, “Aw, it’s cute! I want to pet the Furbush!” and it won’t be immediately seen as… y’know… cough.

  6. I just can’t get 70’s porn out of my head. : /

  7. The Tiger bullpen has been refurbushed.

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