the Oakland A’s actually want Scott Sizemore

photo by Samara Pearlstein

I guess the Tigers got tired of scenes like the above, because they have just traded Scott Sizemore, his .222 batting average, and his .567 OPS to the Oakland A’s. In return, the Tigers receive former starter/current lefty reliever David Purcey, along with his 3.60 ERA, 1.27 WHIP, and small sample size of 15 innings pitched this season.

Yeah. Um.

The post title is actually a little bit of a lie, because according to Jason Beck, Sizemore will be joining the A’s in a triple-A capacity. Second base for the A’s at this point in time is mostly Mark Ellis (batting even worse than Sizemore) with a backup of Andy LaRoche (almost as bad, and mostly playing SS/3B this year), so it’s not like there’s no room for Sizemore to work his way onto the team. Still.

The Detroit lefty relief corps right now consists of Purcey, Charlie Furbush, Adam Wilk and Daniel Schlereth. Obviously someone is leaving… two someones, actually, since Andy Oliver is coming up to pitch this weekend. Ryan Perry has been filled with struggles (turns out this is why he cut his hair, as noted in yesterday’s game post; he’s been trying all sorts of things to change his luck) so he might be one of the Expendables. Not sure yet who the other will be. It would be kind of mean to bring Wilk up and then send him packing again so soon, but do they really need THAT many lefties?

David Purcey is a career 5.17 pitcher. He has a fastball that hangs out in the low 90s, so as a lefty I guess there’s your point of interest. The word you’re looking for right now is ‘meh’.

Danny Worth reaps the benefits of this move, as he’s the infielder getting recalled from MudHenville to do what Sizemore has been doing, but hopefully better. At least slightly better. Please.

No Will Rhymes (remember, he was the one sent down when the Great Scott Sizemore Experiment of 2011 began), not yet anyways. He’s batting .296 and OPSing .728 for Muddy right now. Danny Worth was batting .270 and OPSing .787. Just sayin’.

For a little blast from the past reference, the only David Purcey graphic I had on file was the one heading up this post, from 2008. Good times. Good, futile times.

11 responses to “the Oakland A’s actually want Scott Sizemore

  1. I just want Polanco back….all our problems would be solved (almost).

  2. I’m not a big fan of this move. I feel like they gave up on Sizemore too soon for next to nothing.

  3. just some guy

    I actually like it, because I don’t think there’s anything to Sizemore. Can’t get blood from a stone etc. I don’t think what they got back for him is anything to celebrate about either but we could wait a long long time for Sizemore to ‘put it together’. Not like he’s what Carlos Pena was, you know?

    • Avila got a cup of coffee and whole season of crappiness to prove what he can do.

      Rhymes got 300 plate appearances of mediocrity before he was finally pried out of the manager’s hands and sent to Toledo.

      The Tigers pulled the trigger on Sizemore after 237 plate appearances. That’s not ‘waiting a long time’. Why trade him now, when he has options? And for Purcey, another left handed pitcher (which we seem to have a lot of right now) who isn’t that good?

      • just some guy

        Avila is a catcher, you can’t compare that. What people will stand in terms of mediocrity from a catcher is very different from what they will stand in terms of mediocrity from other positions, especially because the Tigers didn’t have anything much in the system at catcher. At least not ready to go any time soon. I mean look at Saltalawhatever in Boston, he’s had a thousand chances despite his crushing mediocrity, bcause he’s a catcher.

        I didn’t say they have already waited a long time for Sizemore, I said I think you COULD wait a long time for him to put it together. Meaning I don’t think he will. Just my opinion, but with Rhymes there were flashes of something there. With Carlos Pena there were big flashes of something there, he just couldn’t put it together in Detroit. I don’t know, I wasn’t getting that sense from Sizemore. Obviously the Tigers agree.

        I have no idea why they want Purcey except DD says they’ve wanted him for a while, so… I don’t know. Who in the world would pine for David Purcey?? For years! Someone in the FO has a fixation and it ain’t pretty.

  4. I’m simply confused as to why Worth will get Sizemore’s starting job. What exactly has Santiago done, or not done, to keep the label, “utility man.” I’m not a stat expert, but it seems to me that during the 2011 season, the Tigers do better with Santiago at 2nd base than any other 2nd baseman in the system. Does the MLB have some rule about keeping a “utility guy” under a certain amount of innings played each year? I’m doubting it, but since Ramon has never gotten a sniff at consistent playing time, I wouldn’t be too shocked either.

    • Okay…so I jumped the gun with the assumption that Worth would get the starting nod after getting called up to replace Sizemore. But Rayburn? Rayburn?!

      • Gotta admit, I’m kind of horrified that they’re going to try to convert the Rhino into a starting second baseman. Do we have any evidence that he can do this? Like… any evidence at all?

        • Again, I’m not a stats guy, but my memory tells me that we have a lot of evidence saying this will not work at all, and zero saying it will. Fingers crossed.

  5. I was willing to be patient with Sizemore, then one day watching at the plate I was trying to think of who he reminded me of…then I realized it was Bobby Higginson. So, luckily we traded him before he ended up with a 30-year contract or whatever.

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