taking care of Chicago

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Two out of three. Yes.

And how about a Ryan Raburn grand slam? I haven’t laughed so hard at a Tigers hit in a long, long time.


8 responses to “taking care of Chicago

  1. I know! Poor Rhino. I promise, Rhyanne, that if you keep hitting, I will stop laughing.

  2. Ooh, okay I get the corncobs ref (nice!), but what are the little multicolored wheelies? I feel I should know.

    • The pinwheels are a US Cellular Field feature. I dunno what they’re supposed to be, but I guess they brought them over from Comiskey.

      • Let's Go Tigers

        hey great Tigers/Sox photos on Flikr. And I think I know what Raburn’s glove says: It’s probably Taytum Faith, his daughter. I mean, why else would the stitching be pink? :)

  3. Casey on the Bench

    Why couldn’t I find this snow-globe when I was looking for a Chicago souvenir? Little Ozzie would look great on my shelf.

  4. That’s where Ozzie should be, trapped in a snow globe.

  5. we can probably still hear his little voice

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