Tiger bats continue to love Texas, or maybe hate Texas if you consider the fact that they’re being kind of mean to Texas

old as dirt illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Here’s the creepy bit: I didn’t just draw this, I found this drawing lurking in my photobucket… from 2008. Which you can totally tell, but you know, whatever. I guess the Cats have done this before, that’s my point.

Yesterday everybody got a hit, and today ALMOST everybody did. The only exception was Ramon Santiago, who came in for the Rhino and only had one at-bat anyways so he doesn’t really count as not getting a hit because if he had been in the game longer he definitely would have gotten a hit. Or two hits. SEVERAL. Although the home runs were down– nobody went yard, after 6 balls left the field last night– we still got to see a boatload of hits, even if they were all singles and doubles. The ridiculous offensive output of the Tigers in Texas remains fully ridiculous.

What was tonight’s dose of Tiger-bat-diculousness? The Tigers hit 5 doubles in the game. Two players hit two each. Those players? Alex Avila and Casper Wells. Not so crazy for Avila to be hitting, since he is a Catching Savior after all, but Casper Wells has had to prostrate himself before Jim Leyland and tearfully beg for a start, so for him to come hopping lightly off the bench like all the time he’s spent cemented to it has been no big deal is ridiculous. Splendid and ridiculous.

You just know that as soon as everyone comes home to Detroit they will suddenly forget how to hit a baseball, but we’ll enjoy this while we can.

Soon enough I will do my Tigers Draft 2011 post. Rod and Mario were talking about the draft, and they mentioned that Dereck Rodriguez, SON OF PUDGE RODRIGUEZ, was drafted by the Twins. He’s a teenager! Pudge is still playing! I’m not ready!

In any event, the draft post will be where I make up facts about the new kittens, and probably repost the kitten drawing from last year. Get psyched.

7 responses to “Tiger bats continue to love Texas, or maybe hate Texas if you consider the fact that they’re being kind of mean to Texas

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    The Twins? I think Derek Rodriguez should be encouraged to go to college. Pfeh.

  2. Run away, little Pudge! Run away to college!

  3. And how about a shout out to Fred Fred..Impressive performance against an excellent hitting team in a good hitters park

  4. Do you all pronounce it like TEX-uhs or TEX’S, with a smaller vowel between the X and the S? Just curious… Thx.

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