Keep voting Avila, and other Terrible Cartoons.

all illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

VOTE AVILA. VOTE AVILA. You have until 11:59pm eastern on Thursday to do the right thing! You may think to yourself, Hey, I already voted 25 times, and that’s great, but now it is time to make yourself another few email addresses so you can vote again. And again! AND AGAIN.



I can’t take credit for that idea, though. They had a little Vote Avila campaign thing during the postgame broadcast last night, with various teammates talking up Avila’s finer qualities. One of the things they mentioned was the fact that the team has decided he looks like a koala. Which… you can kind of see, actually. They had Brad Thomas on camera saying that Avila is very koala-esque in his expert Australian opinion, so you should vote for him. Pretty much impossible to argue with that.

A few other things that have been happening:

Miguel Cabrera got the Tigers going in the 8th Inning of Magic and Wonder that took down the Diamondbacks on Sunday. There were many who contributed, of course (even Miggy cannot get 7 runs in one inning all by himself), but Cabrera struck a deadly blow. So of course he is a mongoose. This was obliquely requested by the Twitter horde.

Max Scherzer bothers the Blue Jays.

Jim Leyland absolutely lost his kitty litter last night after a weird call at first base. Andy Dirks bunted and was running down the line. The ball was fielded cleanly by the first baseman, and he clearly stepped on the bag before Dirks did. The first base ump called him safe for some private reason of his own, then looked to the homeplate ump and reversed the call, which, admittedly, is kind of weird.

Leyland did not approve of this series of events, and showed his disapproval loudly, vehemently, and with lots of creative gesturing. He didn’t seem to argue with the idea that Dirks was out (he clearly was), more with the fact that Dirks had been called safe and then had the call reversed on the field. He yelled at the first base ump, he yelled at the homeplate ump, he said many things that made the FSD crew hope none of their viewers could read lips, he stomped all over the place and made Quite A Scene.

It was great. And the Tigers won, so we can count it as a motivation instead of a distraction, and we can talk about how much we like to see Jim Leyland lose his mind on the baseball field, instead of grumbling about Jim Leyland losing his mind when it comes to pitcher management. For once.

14 responses to “Keep voting Avila, and other Terrible Cartoons.

  1. Very clever shaving ‘vote Avila’ in his beard! I bet he approved that message, too.

  2. Purely personal opinion, but I think the Jays/Scherzer comic would have worked just as well without the speech bubble. (Which is not to say that I love these any less than all the other Terrible Cartoons.)

  3. The best part of that epic meltdown was that as Leyland screamed into the ump’s face from six inches away, you could see Dirks and Brookens in the frame behind them. Brookens was stone-faced, old pro that he is. Poor Andy Dirks, though, seemed to be very clearly trying desperately not to collapse in helpless laughter. Jim had to be saying some HILARIOUSLY overheated s@#%, and Dirks was thinking “omg omg if I giggle he will KILL me. He will EAT my family. Think sad thoughts. Think sad thoughts!” He seemed to be actually biting his lip at one point. I dug it.

    • I watched MLB Network’s coverage after the game was over, and Sean Casey was able to give expert commentary – seeing that he was at first base for a number of Jim Leyland’s ump tirades.

      That really was one of the funniest manager ejections I’ve seen in a long time. And it worked. Maybe Skip is crazy like a fox.

      Wonderful cartoons. I wish FSD would put the “Vote for Avila” video up on their website so I could see it again (and share it!) though.

  4. I love the Blue Jay! Vote for Alex!

  5. So I have been voting around 100 times a day for a few weeks now, and I just put random email addresses in, I haven’t actually made any new ones since I ran through all 4 of mine on the first day I voted, it doesn’t require you to confirm the emails, so for the extra lazy route, keep voting my way!

  6. I did my baseball Civic Duty and voted for the World Famous Mr. Avila for the ASG.

  7. The beard compels me. I’ll do anything that beard tells me to do.

  8. As soon as I saw the piece about Avila looking like a koala, I thought “I hope this becomes a ROTT cartoon!” My day has been made! Thanks!

  9. Koalavila! I love it!

    Also, I was at the game on Sunday and it was pretty awesome. I was too little to be paying attention in ’84, but the retirement ceremony for Sparky Anderson’s number was very nice. It was an amazing crowd- packed to the rafters, but I can’t find attendance numbers in any of the articles…

  10. makes it so much easier to vote 25+ times

  11. Alex Avila is koala-ty.

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