justice prevails, Alex Avila will start the All Star game

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

You guys you guys you guys.

Alex Avila is the starting catcher for the American League in the 2011 All Star Game!

Everyone who voted can pat themselves on the back for this one. I don’t even care if MLB somehow secretly jiggered the numbers to overcome Yankeeplosion or whatever. The end result is what mattered, and the end result is ALEX AVILA, DESERVINGEST OF TIGERS, starting the All Star Game.

Justin Verlander and Jose Valverde are going also (although Verlander will not pitch), and Miguel Cabrera got in as some sort of reserve.

Proper illustration to come after the holiday.


8 responses to “justice prevails, Alex Avila will start the All Star game

  1. Now it is time to vote for Victor Martinez for the final vote!

  2. YAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! *does a happy dance*

  3. Justin Verlander is having a contest over twitter… create a vote victor twitter avatar by the end of the nite tonite, and you’ll win a signed baseball…

    • Roar of the Tigers

      Alas, I am not on my home computer tonight… I could draw something, but I have no way to scan it!

  4. I singlehandedly voted over 600,000 times.

  5. Just FYI – on Twitter JV asked who did the VoteAvila poster and at least a dozen people tweeted it was you. Just so you know your twitter-fame is spreading. :D

  6. I voted until my keyboard cried out for mercy.

  7. Avila should play the entire game to me Wieters & Martin shouldn’t even be their well maybe Wieters but definatly not martin he’s got like a .225 batting average.

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