the Max Scherzer bobblehead, Roar of the Tigers style

–Yes, I know that there was an official Max Scherzer bobblehead giveaway this season. It was appropriately heterochromatic and therefore fairly awesome, but I was not going to be in Detroit for that game (and have no one in my immediate family who’s within the giveaway age range anyways). I also thought the nose wasn’t big enough.

–Yes, I know I probably could have picked one up on eBay or something, but where’s the fun in that?

–Yes, I know this is pretty wonky. Let us all remember that Roar of the Tigers is comfortable working in two dimensions, and approaches the third with awkward, ungainly, staggering steps, like a newborn foal that has maybe been drinking a little bit. And let us not even speak about the fourth dimension.

–So here is this thing.

–Yes, it bobbles.

21 responses to “the Max Scherzer bobblehead, Roar of the Tigers style

  1. #1tigersfansince07

    kinda creepy go Blue man

  2. Yours has a better skin color than the ‘official’ one… all the other Tigers were saying it looked like Scherzer had spent too much time in Cabo, they didn’t know he was secretly Hispanic, etc.

    And I totally agree about the nose! It’s almost as important as the eyes!

  3. The glove. Sweet Mother of Pearl, the glove.

  4. The last picture could be his author photo, in the universe where Max Scherzer writes a novel and needs a book jacket photo.

  5. The eyes. They haunt me.

    You are too modest. The eyes exist in at least FIVE dimensions. Of terror.

    …anyway, you see that Dontrelle pitched six decent innings yesterday, for the Reds? I didn’t see that one coming. I know you really wanted him to be happy, so I feel like it’s a good thing. Maybe the healing can begin.

    • I am so wary of the Dontrelle Revival, because I want it to happen SO BADLY and I worry that it’s just going to be one or two good outings before the next collapse. BUT I WANT IT SO BADLY.

      • Oh, I know. You were the first I thought of when I heard the (weird) news. And, you know, I’m not holding my breath, either. The boy is TERRIBLY fragile, and I know something about that. But we want him to find Joy again, and perhaps it can happen.

  6. I love it!!!

  7. I would pay good money for this. Seriously. I would love to put it on my desk next to my Dwight Schrute bobblehead (which I accidentally decapitated but fortunately was able to glue the head back on) and my “Flying Filpula” (more of a figurine I guess). My co-workers would be SOOOOO jealous!

    • Ha ha, well, my dad is lucky (?) enough to have a completely terrifying Dave Dombrowski bobblehead that I made for him. Seriously, Scherzer is a vast improvement from the Dombrowski, and if you see how terrifying Scherzer is here, that should really tell you something.

  8. Fantastic!

  9. Let's Go Tigers

    Wow. Amazing!

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  11. Holy snappers that’s awesome Sam! 10+/10!

  12. It’s a completely lovely bobble. I also love the glove – so many bobbles give short shrift to accessories, and they are IMPORTANT THINGS.

  13. In a sane world, the Tigers would hire you to make bobbleheads and drawings.

  14. #1tigersfansince07

    hey sam do you know if detroit has a 5th day starter or are the going to a 4 man rotation? by the way if Cabby gets injuries because of the all star game i’m blaming raburn.

  15. #1tigersfansince07

    looking at our 2nd guy we should go out and get someone like a Joel Pineiro or a Ian Kennedy type guy we could trade someone like a Carlos Guillen or a Zumaya, if they’re not dead, or the best drink on earth for one of them or they could trade the olive(e.r.a) since it doesn’t look like he’s gonna work out in the majors but dave keep your freakin’ striped shirts of Brandon Inge. =/

    maybe we could go out an aquire a guy like Martin Prado since he’s not starting because of Dan Uggla or now bear with me Juilo Lugo or get a Dee Gordon and move him to second.

    • Ah, I think the Tigers would have a teensy bit of trouble trying to offload Guillen and/or Zumaya. If they could find a team to take those guys off our hands, I’d like to know that team’s FO phone number… I’ve got a bridge or two to sell them…

  16. Just watching the Angels and Tigers play on MLB.TV–Scherzer is classic–he looks like an 1950’s movie gangster. Was looking up pictures of him and came across your website and the awesome Scherzer bobblehead. Very cool!

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