send Jim Leyland all your hamsters

all images by Samara Pearlstein

The quote in the top TC is not verbatim; Leyland said something very much like that in a pregame interview, but I wasn’t taking notes so I didn’t get the exact words. He definitely said that he didn’t have any hamsters right now, though, and if fans thought they had the hamsters, he grumpily invites them to mail said hamsters on in.

Right now the Tigers are in dire need of some serious hamsters. Certain things make sense– Austin Jackson’s wrist is at least comprehensible– but the Tigers need a hamster for the third base situation, a hamster for the issues in the rotation… the bullpen… a hamster for Justin Verlander’s inexplicably tentative and offspeedy outing last night… all these things require hamsters, and Jim Leyland doesn’t have any right now. He’s admitted it. Send some in, if you’ve got ’em.

I’m trying to ignore the rest of that Friday night game. Verlander is allowed to have offdays and it would have been nice for the offense to pick him up on such a rare occasion, but… deep breaths… whatever.

Miguel Cabrera got his 1,500th career hit, that was nice.

Carlos Guillen is allegedly coming back today, allegedly at full health, or at whatever fragile and no doubt transient state of being passes for full health with Carlos Guillen these days. AlAl should be coming back too. Maybe they’ll bring some hamsters with them.

19 responses to “send Jim Leyland all your hamsters

  1. Baseballoogie

    “Right now the Tigers are in dire need of some serious hamsters.”

    Out of context quote of the week.

  2. i love you guys.

  3. Do you think he would also accept gerbils? (Perhaps Don Zimmer?) What about chinchillas?

  4. ivantopumpyouup


  5. “Harvey, Harvey. Harvey the wonder hamster.”

    Why is it that I find myself singing Weird Al songs when I visit this blog?

    • In middle school I had a character called Harvey the Homicidal Hamster, who ran around with crazy eyes and a knife. There were lots of little comics about him. There was also a long poem that some friends at summer art camp (nerrrrrd) helped me come up with, but darned if I can remember it now.

      Just thought I’d share that relevant fact.

  6. Congrats Cabby oh man Carlos is back everybody in the first 6 rows beter wear a protective poncho just incase he explodes going after a ball.

  7. This is easily one of your top five graphics of all time. Tidy and crisp. Well done again. :)

  8. That last picture looks like Captain Kirk and the tribbles. Excellent.

    • That’s the first thing I thought of, too. Love the picture (and it makes me want to crochet a cute chubby stuffed hamster now).

  9. Yes! Thank you! I was JUST going to comment this week that there have been NO hamster posts on this site for a very long time — not once this season, if I recall correctly. And I was an early and vocal supporter of the hamsters.
    …and today, a nice win. So it’s working! You have the hamsters!

  10. I love it when the team can come up with Answer Hamsters, hopefully with the win today they’ve turned the corner and are starting to find them crawling around the clubhouse.
    Always keep the Hamsters alive and coming!

  11. This cartoon is completely unrealistic. Leyland is using a computer in the second panel.

    • And a MacBook! It should at least be a typewriter.

      I have some answer hamster on their way from France.

  12. I bet Gene Lamont has all the hampsters

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