Carlos Guillen lives

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

For now.

13 responses to “Carlos Guillen lives

  1. So THAT’S how they do it.
    once again, a great Terrible Cartoon!!!

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    This is beautiful.

  3. Incredible. Now go on a rampage, Carlos. I’m pretty sure they haven’t developed torch technology yet in Cleveland…

  4. I love it! Especially the slightly horrified look on Guillen’s face.

  5. OMG Evil Mad Scientist Paws!

  6. This is awesome! He’s ALLIIVVE! Alive I tell you!

  7. It’s alive it’s alive Carlostien or Franklos the Bondo long live bonderman although he maybe dead,

  8. Thank cats for Carlos and ALAL The 1 cent coin did pretty good acept for the 2nd inning going to see Fred Fred duke it out with those ugly uniformed movie making A’s hope to get autos if they aren’t inside like they were yesterday.

  9. TigersFan81371


  10. Brilliant. Highest props for this.

  11. Picturing Paws digging Guillen’s lifeless body out of the grave.. mm, yes. This is so good. That lab!

  12. In speechless awe of your creative genius.

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