a variety of Tigers things, related in the usual manner

So I haven’t posted in a few days. Things have been busy in RotTLand, you know, a bunch of work stuff, some friends I don’t get to see much up to visit, cat vomit to clean off the carpet, the usual. Anyways. Here’s a round-up of some of the things that have been happening.

illustrations by Samara Pearlstein

You know I was in Detroit, right? It was hot. It was WICKED hot.

But it was OK, because I got to see Jacob Turner’s debut! So exciting for Rick Porcello; for one brief moment, he was the baby in the rotation no longer. Of course then Turner went right back down and Porcello was back to being the tiniest kitten.

I mean, there are rookies on the team, and FredFred (in his third season!) is still the youngest. It must be kinda rough. He’s probably hoping Turner comes back in September and then Porcello can say things like “KIDS THESE DAYS” to someone in the clubhouse who’s not Little Victor.

We were THISCLOSE to seeing Justin Verlander throw another no-hitter in the Sunday game. I have never seen a no-hitter in person and although I get out to a fair number of baseball games, I rarely get to see them in Detroit, so I was sitting there (roasting in the sun), thinking… oh man, imagine if Verlander does this and I get to see him do it, at home! Also, it seemed only fair that we be rewarded with a truly remarkable game if we were going to sit in those scorched frying pan seats for 9 innings.

Alas, such riches were not to be mine. Justin was still immense, though, and it was still A Thing to See.

I finally met @WhosYourTiger and he took me around the ballpark to look at some things I would not have looked at otherwise and it was exactly like this.

What else has been happening? Hmm.

Austin Jackson made a RIDICULOUS catch. Like an old school Torii Hunter Spiderman move, but he was catching air, so it was more of a Superman. I drew him with a cape but that’s really the only thing that I changed. He saw the ball going over the wall, said to himself, “Mmm… nope,” and stole that home run away. The kind of play to give a fan with a delicate constitution a proper attack of the vapors.

If you haven’t seen it already you should really watch the video, if only to hear Rod’s call and way his voice breaks from sheer joy.

Victor hurt his knee doing one of his weird little dances at the plate. He is back in the game tonight, which is how behind I am on Current Tigers Events, but it was still not pleasant to see at the time. My first thought was OH NOOOO and my second thought was Oh my goodness I hope Little Victor is not watching this.

He’s DHing tonight and right now he’s 1-for-3, so that’s OK, I guess. It’ll definitely be something to watch, though: even Jim Leyland has admitted that Alex Avila has been beaten up a bit too much at this point in the season, and now his backup has this knee strain or sprain or whatever that has nominally healed, but you KNOW how those things are when it comes to recurrences and re-tweakings, especially when it comes to the Tigers. And Victor has a ton of wear on his knees already, lots more than Random Infielder X would have, on account of his accumulated years of catching experience.

So we all say that Avila has to rest more, but do you really want to take Victor away from the DH spot too often and risk him getting hurt, or more hurt, or whatever? Do you bring up another catcher and hope you can limp along on a slightly smaller bullpen or bench until the rosters expand in September (unlikely)? Do you tell Don Kelly to start getting his gear ready again? DO YOU JUST WORRY ABOUT EVERYTHING EVER, LIKE ROAR OF THE TIGERS?

Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland were both signed to contract extensions. Leyland is locked up through the 2012 season and Mr. D is on board for four more years, through 2015. My thoughts on this move are really disorganized and I’m not sure you need to hear them, but generally I am in favor. Generally. I would like Leyland to actually DO something about the players he overuses, though, instead of just giving the overuse lip service.

I mean, the fact that he even acknowledges it now is some progress, but let’s take this thing all the way to the pot of freshly rested ballplayer gold at the end of the rainbow, you know?

I also hope the Dombrowski contract contained a Striped Shirt clause.

And for no real reason, here’s Doug Fister wearing Hulk Hands.

19 responses to “a variety of Tigers things, related in the usual manner

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    omg, that Fister one is perfect.

  2. How long does it take you to do those illustrations? I am in awe of your creativity and associative abilities.

    I can’t wait to see what your reaction to tonight’s game will be, in spite of the outcome.

    • Well, if it’s just a sloppy one-figure drawing with no background (like the Fister Hulk Hands), it doesn’t take long at all, especially because most of these are drawn pretty small. It’s the scanning and coloring that end up being the biggest time-sink.

      I do have the most inefficient and atrocious workflow possible, though– there must be a quicker way to color them out there somewhere, but it probably involves equipment I don’t have. :P

  3. I have been rendered in TC form!! Awesome!!!! Everyone on staff will be so jealous! It was great meeting you in person finally. Thanks!!

  4. just because fredfred is the youngest does not mean he’s the ‘tiniest’
    im sure he is taller then 6’5. Doug Fister should have an incrdible hulk green baseball mit like that. Great idea

  5. guess we’re gonna see those striped shirts and expensive cigs for a little while longer. cant wait

  6. Sam, Glad you are back…..Missed you. Can someone please tell me why Mr. Benemit is an unused Tiger? I don’t get it — its not like its only one game that Leyland doesn’t like the matchup. Isn’t Wilson a switch hitter?? Did Jim promise Ingee that no one would get too comfortable at his spot?

    • He is technically a switch hitter… he’s batting MUCH better as a lefty this year, though (.303/.369/.461 as a lefty, vs .234/.280/.299 as a righty), so it’s like… well, yes, he’s a switch hitter, so long as you don’t mind having a solid lefty bat paired with an atrocious right-handed one.

      That said, I think Don Kelly plays so much mostly because Jim Leyland is in love with him. Leyland has his own reasons for that, but I don’t think they’re entirely number-based. ~intangibles~

      • Well, Donnie is just an all-around nice guy… And the perfect foil for someone wanting to set a shoe on fire… They may not be strictly baseball-related reasons, but I can see why Leyland thinks he’s okay.

        I feel like I say this every time you post them, but I *heart* Terrible Cartoons!

  7. I thought the same thing Jackalope Tamer98 I mean only something that magical could be in Heaven’s waiting room. I can’t believe we signed those knukleheads Leyland and Mr. D again I guess I’m okay with Jim Freakin’ Leyland but if I see another striped shirt I’ll go on a rage with the bearded one no not Brian “Wooly Mamoth” Wilson with SEAAA member Alex Avila his daddy desvers a chance to run the organization by the way I went to that Tigers White Sox game that Scherzer pitched and we got Suite tickets for free for Kalamazoo and I saw Al Avila go into the bathroom. I got late Tiger ” The Bush’s” autograph I miss The Friendly Ghost!

  8. At first I couldn’t quite figure out the Dombrowski and Leyland drawing… then I saw that they’re gazing into the strong light of the Future. Together. And I laughed out loud, as usual.

  9. hey. where’s Lamont in that glorious future? :)

  10. Hopefully at Micky D’s eating a Big Mac

  11. I saw that @stareagle gave you a shout-out while you were in Detroit. I’ve known him for several years. Good guy.

  12. This is not Tiger-related, but it’s quite wonderful, and right up this site’s alley. And it involves Beamer Weems.


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