feel better soon, AlAl

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Cruelly struck down by a Robert Andino hit during batting practice. Ugh. Al Albuerquerque went down hard and flailed around in such obvious pain that teammates were frightened, and Andino was so disturbed that he reportedly couldn’t finish BP. When they took him off the field AlAl was conscious and able to move all his bits, but

“It wasn’t pretty,” manager Jim Leyland said. “That was no glancing blow. He got smoked bad. It was a concern of all the players who were out there. They didn’t like the way he was reacting at first.”
Tom Gage/Detroit News

He has a concussion, although there’s been no word as to the severity or grade of the concussion. It’s been reported that there was some ‘internal bleeding’, which is not super rare but is obviously not the greatest.

AlAl was held overnight at a U Maryland hospital for observation and has been placed on the 7-day DL for the time being. It could be the type of concussion where he bounces back pretty well after a week, but then again it might not be– there’s no way for us to tell, and really little way for even the team to know for sure. Josh Beckett suffered a BP concussion this spring and was fine within a couple of weeks. Justin Morneau suffered a concussion in early July of 2010 and was out for the rest of the season.

Let’s hope for the best.

(I know he ‘technically’ had nothing to do with the incident, but I’m blaming Luke Scott. I am reasonably certain that he guided Andino’s line drive with his evil Tiger-hating powers of telekinesis.)

17 responses to “feel better soon, AlAl

  1. Maybe he was using Luke Scott as his agent of evil, but I’m certain Jason Kipnis was somehow involved.

  2. Now now kids, I know we’re trying to lighten up around a scary moment, but let’s not start blaming even our wickedest enemies (re: all the Weavers). No, let’s hope for the healing to begin and not be sidetracked by silly superstition. Sam, just ask your dad whom to blame: “Nixon did it.”

  3. ivantopumpyouup

    And I still don’t think Morneau’s completely recovered. :| Hoping for the best.

  4. I know Like A Boesch I was at your house when you said he said that. This is the former TFS 07. probably not going to keep this name though.

    Yeah I hope he’ll be property of the Tigers for along time.

  5. I hate when the Orioles and Tigers play each other. Why? Because I root for BOTH OF THEM. :-( In fact, I must come clean and say the Orioles are actually my favorite team; I started following the Tigers from about 2003 (I’m serious) when I was living in the Detroit area from late ’03-mid ’04 for a job. But of course the Orioles are going nowhere and I’d much rather see the Tigers take these games cause they need them. It still doesn’t make it easier to see the Orioles lose though. *sigh*

    And then this happens. AARGH. Poor Al Albuquerque.

    Sorry to say though, I doubt Luke had anything to do with this since he’s on the DL and nowhere near the team as far as I know.

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